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Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, Kimberly Wilkins, popularly known as Sweet Brown is an internet sensation, actress, and entrepreneur having her “Oh Lord Jesus It’s a Fire!” titled line of barbecue sauce. She came into the spotlight back in 2014 when she was interviewed by the local news station News Channel 4 after escaping from her apartment that caught fire. The interview went viral when Ted Malave, a KFOR employee uploaded somewhat a funny clip out of the interview footage emphasizing the catchphrase, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Sweet Brown net worthWhat Happened to Sweet Brown?

It was April 7th, 2012 morning when an apartment complex at Oklahoma City caught fire and ended up with five units damaged and one fellow resident hospitalized due to smoke inhalation. A local news station titled News Channel 4 who rushed to the spot at first among the rest of the media and interviewed Kimberly Wilkins, popularly known as Sweet Brown, who got a narrow escape without shoes from the scene.

In the interview with KFOR News Channel 4, Sweet Brown says that she woke up that morning to get a “cold pop.” She smelt a barbeque smell and thought that someone in the apartment might be grilling. It took her a while to realize that it’s nothing but their apartment caught fire. Haunted by the incident, Brown hurried to get herself out of the apartment, and in the hassle, she somehow forgot to put on her shoes.

While describing what happened to the apartment, she used the phrase “ain’t nobody got time for that!” to mean the presence of dense smoke emitting from the fire. The phrase Brown uttered went viral, and meme’d, and thus the catchphrase “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” became a memorable line associated with Sweet Brown.

Sweet Brown Net Worth

Sweet Brown appeared in a series of local TV Commercials after she went viral and squeezed quite a handsome amount of cash out of them. She also got her line of barbecue sauce called “Oh Lord Jesus It’s a Fire!” which might be earning her a lot too. However, we couldn’t find any detail regarding Sweet Brown Net Worth officially that we could rely on.

How She Became Popular?

At first, Ted Malave, a KFOR employee uploaded the clip to YouTube; however, another edited and more appealing version was uploaded on 9th April by another YouTuber which went viral. The second clip turned out to be the most shared version which got more than 109,000 Facebook shares and 1 million plus views on YouTube within only 48 hours.

On 10th April the video then again reposted on Tosh.0 as well as on eBaum’s World later on the following day. The clip got attention from the news sites as well. Media giants like Buzzfeed, Long Island Press, Hypervocal, WCSH Portland, Gawker, Hip Hop Wired, and a few others to name out there also reposted the clip as well. Apart from all these, a Boston based radio station called WAAF also released a ringtone version of the clip featuring the memorable phrase “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” from News Channel 4’s interview of Sweet Brown.

Sweet Brown Meme

After the clip went viral, Sweet Brown was meme’d along with the catchphrases “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”, “I got Bronchitis,” “Cold Pop & BBQ,” and a lot other.

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Real Name: Kimberly Wilkins

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