The Benefits of Personalized AA Recovery Coins

Alcoholism affects over 14 million adults in the United States, while over 90,000 people die annually from alcoholism-related causes. Also known as AUD, this disease increases the risk of heart problems, diabetes, cognitive issues, and more conditions.

Recovery is paramount to getting your life back. That’s why finding the right program is critical for long-term success.

Good recovery programs leverage reward systems to encourage daily commitment, goal-setting, and lifelong recovery.

Learn how personalized AA recovery coins can help.

Collectible Milestones

Honoring milestones is similar to employee appreciation. The more employees are appreciated (and rewarded) for their hard work, the more likely they will keep up the great work. Similarly, sobriety tokens inspire that same passion for pushing forward.

Recovery program participants can also store and display their personalized tokens in special cases, including mounted casings and hanging fabric displays.

Program directors aren’t limited to a few designs, either. Unique designs also denote progress in the program. For example, you could create a line of tokens that start with a seed and end with a tree, signifying growth in participants’ recoveries.

Integrate AA Recovery Coins Into Events

Whenever you visit a state fair or conference, you’ll find swag bags full of freebies. These bags are perfect for recovery events, like jog-a-thons, relay races, banquets, awards dinners, and sober parties.

Think of celebratory shapes and icons for your alcohol recovery tokens. Balloons, cake, candles, trees, and stars are a few design ideas to consider for your sober swag bag tokens. You could also include water bottles, keychains, magnets, coffee mugs, and stress balls in your bags.

Promote Your Recovery Program

Do you run an AA recovery (or related) program?

AA tokens are a creative way to promote your recovery program to prospective members.

Rewards-based programs alone are a massive draw since participants respond well to positive reinforcement. Even better, when someone has a good experience at a restaurant or a program, they’re more likely to share their experience with friends (or even online!) AA tokens play a valuable role in this type of marketing.

Like branded pens, realtor notepads, and promo magnets, recovery tokens live in the home, helping to cement your brand in people’s minds.

Tokens are a great way to kick off your holiday marketing. The holidays can be difficult for people in recovery, but personalized tokens are a comfortable reminder that they’re not alone. Keep plenty of holiday-themed tokens for sober Christmas events, like food drives, pancake breakfasts, talent shows, and community events.

You can design all your alcohol recovery tokens online. Test out different services first. For example, The Token Shop has starter AA token sets complete with bronze coins, aluminum tokens, and boxes at an additional cost.

Celebrate Lifelong Progress

You’re passionate about helping recovering alcoholics recover their lives. Improve results and morale with a fresh batch of AA recovery coins. Don’t be afraid to think creatively to craft tokens that genuinely inspire.

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