The Four Rules of Firearm Safety Explained

Are you a new or aspiring shooter or hunter? Well before worrying about shooting accurately or choosing the best type of ammunition, you need to learn the rules of firearm safety.

Countless accidents and fatalities happen regularly due to inexperience in handling a firearm.

It’s not only your safety that’s at risk but the safety of anyone else around you.

So what are the basic rules of firearm safety, and how can you protect yourself and others and when enjoying firearms for recreation? Keep reading to find out now.

  1. Always Treat a Gun Like It Is Loaded

The first rule of firearm safety is the most important. It’s imperative that you treat every single gun like it’s cocked and loaded, every single time. Firearms deserve respect at all times.

This means you should never look down a barrel, never point them at yourself or another person, and never set them down near inexperienced people.

The truth is, there will always be times when we think a gun is unloaded when in fact it is loaded. The most important habit to build as a new or experienced shooter is to treat guns like they are loaded at all times.

  1. Never Point the Firearm At Something You Don’t Want to Destroy 

The next of the golden rules of firearms safety is to never point a gun at something you don’t intend to destroy. A gun should only ever be pointed at a safe target, an animal you are legally allowed to hunt, or in a safe direction such as towards the ground.

Never point a firearm at something to practice using a scope or to pretend shooting unless it’s something you don’t mind destroying. So don’t point it at people, pets, cars, buildings, or valuables.

Firearms are best used at qualified shooting ranges, where safety is prioritized. Do a quick search for; “Gun range and gunsmith near me,” to find the nearest place to practice safe shooting.

  1. Keep Your Finger Away From the Trigger

The third of the firearm safety rules is to keep your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Do not put your finger on the trigger before you aim or while you are aiming.

The best habit to build is to always place your trigger finger on the body of the firearm above the trigger. Don’t place it on the trigger guard, as fingers can slip and pull the trigger at inopportune times.

  1. Know Your Target and What Lies Beyond

Lastly, it’s important to not only know your target but to know what lies beyond your target. No one shoots perfectly every time, so if you miss, you need to ensure your bullet is going to a safe location. If you are unsure of what lies beyond your target, do not take the shot.

When it comes to hunting accidents, most come from either failing to identify the target or not checking surroundings before taking a shot.

Practicing the Four Rules of Firearm Safety

The best way to ingrain the four rules of firearm safety into your head and build good habits is to take a firearm safety course. In just a few short hours, you’ll not only have these rules memorized, but you’ll understand their importance and follow them without thinking about them.

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