Top 4 Advantages to Fireclay Sinks

When most people think about designing their kitchen, they often focus on the cabinets, the appliances, and the flooring. But what about the sink? It’s one of the features that often gets overlooked because it’s not a huge decor detail.

 However, fireclay sinks are a bit different. They add an edge to kitchens that traditional kitchen sinks don’t. If you’re thinking about switching to a fireclay, it’s a good option.

Take a look at the information below to learn about the advantages of fireclay sinks to decide whether or not it’s right for you

What Is a Fireclay Sink?

A fireclay sink is a sink made out of ceramic and molded at high temperatures. Once the clay is dry, porcelain enamel is coated on top and the sink is put inside of a kiln. During the heating process, the enamel and ceramic are fused together, which creates the incredible strength of the sink.

It’s completed with molding which provides a smooth, sturdy surface. Fireclay sinks are often mistaken for cast iron sinks. However, fireclays are handcrafted and they look great in rustic style kitchens.

Installation Options for Fireclay Sinks

Fireclay sinks are usually available in a variety of farmhouse designs, but you can find them in either a top mount or under mount design. Apron front fireclay sinks are also able to be installed on top or under the counter.

Just remember that they are heavy, so your counter has to be durable enough to handle its weight.

Color Options for Fireclay Kitchen Sinks

When it comes to fireclay sinks, the colors are limited to off-white and white. That’s due to the composition of the clay, which is its standard color. However, you could find a manufacturer who provides alternative colors like black or blue. But a fireclay sink looks good in white, clean kitchens that have a farmhouse design.

The Advantages of Fireclay Sinks

There are many advantages of fireclay sinks. Here are a few of them below:

1. Durability

Fireclays are durable sinks. They are built to withstand heavy pots and they hold up really well. Since these kitchen sinks are made from clay, they don’t scratch or stain easily.

Not only that, but they’re heat resistant. You can count on them to be dependable for many years, without undergoing damage like cracking and chipping.

2. Compatible With Garbage Disposals

Believe it or not, fireclay sinks are also compatible with garbage disposals. That’s right! Just because fireclays are a little different from other kitchen sinks, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them with a garbage disposal.

You can have a sleek, modern sink with the convenience of a garbage disposal.

3. No Rusting or Fading

Traditional kitchen sinks are generally prone to rusting and fading. After a while, a faded sink can really mess up the appearance and decor of your kitchen.

Thankfully, fireclay sinks don’t fade at all. So you can count on having a beautiful, white sink for its entire lifespan.

4. Large Size

One of the greatest features of a fireclay sink is that it’s large enough to wash big pots and pans. It’s only made with one basin, so you can put pretty much anything in there.

This is an advantage for people who have to cook for a large family and has wide dishes to wash.

All of these advantages are incredible, and essentially a fireclay sink is perfect for your kitchen.

How to Take Care of Fireclay Sinks

Since a fireclay kitchen sink isn’t like other kitchen sinks, you have to be sure to take care of it properly. Plus, they have such a beautiful finish, you would want to make sure to preserve it.

Here are some tips for maintaining its beauty:

Routine cleaning: Clean it every day to make sure that it doesn’t get dirty. When you’re busy or you have a lot going on, it might be easy to forget to wash the sink. But don’t let dirt and grime build up on it and make it look unappealing.

Use soft Towels: Wipe it with a soft, dry cloth to avoid water spots. Water spots are unattractive, so you need to get rid of them to keep your fireclay sink looking good.

Use the proper cleaning solutions: Clean it with a mild cleaning detergent. You don’t want to use any product that’s too harsh and could wear down your sink. Try using mild or natural products like baking soda.

Also, make sure that you use a soft towel or sponge rather than a brush or Brillo pad. Using a rough cleaning pad could damage the finish.

Liquid Wax: Coat it with liquid wax to make sure that the water drains properly. Not only does liquid wax help with drainage, but it also makes the coating look better and maintains its shine.

Use a sink grid: You’ll likely be washing large, heavy pots in your fireclay sink. Therefore, using a sink grid can help to protect it. Although fireclay sinks are extremely durable, you still want to minimize the chances of damage as much as possible.

Upgrade the Look of Your Kitchen With Fireclay Sinks

Overall, fireclay sinks make kitchens better. Not only do they add to the style and decor, but they are perfect for heavy-duty cleaning jobs. They’re built to last. You can’t beat that!

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