5 Different Types of Medication Reminders to Help With Daily Meds

America relies on medications. More than half of Americans take at least one prescription drug. 

Yet many Americans fail to take their medications when they should. Medication reminders can be hard to come by, and doctors may not give a clear schedule for doses. 

How can you learn how to take daily meds? What sorts of tools can you use to remind yourself, including free tools? How can you package your medication so you remember? 

Answer these questions and you can meet your doctor’s specifications with minimal hassle. Here are five medication reminders you can use today. 

1. Written Notes 

Handwriting can engage the memory more than typing or speaking. Write down on a sheet of paper when you should take your medication and how big your dose should be. 

You can take a note on a piece of scrap paper. If you have a lot of papers in your home, you should make a note on a brightly-colored paper. 

Put the note in a place where you will see it. A bathroom may be best, especially if you put your medication there.

2. Mobile Apps

An app is a good option if you rely on your phone for work. You can also find an app to remind you to take a particular medication. 

Bedsider Reminders helps women remember to take their birth control. It also lets you make appointments with your doctor to get more pills. 

Medisafe Pill Reminder is an all-around app. It has a sleek design that lets you make personalized reminders for each day. The app can also send you drug interaction warnings. 

3. Pill Boxes

Pill boxes are good for medication storage. But they can help you learn how to remember to take meds. Follow good vitamin storage tips when using them. 

Buy seven boxes and write the day of the week on each one. You can then put your daily dose in each box. This will let you know if you missed a dose or need to take a second one. 

4. Handheld Timers

A handheld timer can make a loud alarm that encourages you to take your medication. Most are a few inches long, so you fit one into your pocket. 

You can set an alarm akin to a loud bell. If you want to be more inconspicuous, you can select another noise like windchimes. 

5. Pre-Packaged Doses

You may be able to get your doses packaged into small containers. You can then open one container for each time you need your medication. This is a good option if you are forgetful every now and again and if you travel on the road. 

The Best Medication Reminders

You have a number of medication reminders so you can help your own health. Written notes can engage your working memory better than digital tools. 

If you do need digital tools, you can turn to a smartphone app. Pill boxes are good physical reminders, provided that you store them properly. See if you get seven large boxes, one for each day. 

Handheld timers create loud noises to prompt you to take your pills. Pre-packaged doses let you take your medication while traveling. 

Medication reminders are one simple tool for your health. Find out more by following our coverage. 

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