Top 5 Kitchen Trends for 2022

Have you ever walked into a kitchen and felt more like you were stepping into a time machine?

Some kitchens still feature linoleum tiles from the ’70s, faux paneling from the ’80s, and all-white appliances from the ’90s. If your kitchen looks like it belongs in the history museum, you might consider remodeling your kitchen this year!

If it has been a while since you updated your home, figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. There is no need to start completely from scratch! You can begin by identifying the aspects of your kitchen that you love and plan your contemporary upgrade from there.

It can also be helpful to take a look at the trends that we’re expecting to see in the most modern kitchens in 2022. From paint colors to design choices, these up-to-date trends will lead to a fresh, modern space that you’ll love. Keep reading to learn about five of our favorite kitchen trends so that you can implement them this year!

1. Make It Look Timeless

One of the biggest new kitchen trends for 2022 is the addition of natural kitchen colors and elements. While stainless steel appliances were once in, designers today are rejecting perfect finishes for imperfect ones. This year, we expect kitchens to feature patina, handmade tiles, distressed surfaces, and matte brass.

One simple way to apply this trend is to switch out your shiny fixtures for distressed knobs and pulls. Sure, it does sound a little backward to intentionally make your new kitchen look old. Ultimately, the goal is to create a timeless space rather than a dated one.

When it comes to painting colors, look to nature for inspiration. Some of the most popular shades include ash green, grays, and red-browns. These warm neutrals will add organic warmth to your space that is both cozy and inviting!

Contrast your neutrals with a simple pop of bold, exciting color for an incredibly contemporary look.

2. Snazzy Storage Solutions

In 2022, kitchens will be more unique than ever – by design. One of the most contemporary trends in kitchen organization is the implementation of custom storage solutions. Kitchens will be full of built-in storage that aids in function.

In practice, this might look like dedicated shelves for cookbooks, aesthetic spice racks, and even build in paper-towel holders. The key to this trend is identifying your needs and making updates that genuinely make your life easier. For some people, this might mean incorporating a coffee bar, and for others, it might involve a system of shelves for bakeware.

In essence, you should identify what you need in order to be as comfortable as possible in the kitchen! Excellent remodeling companies, such as, can help you design your dream solutions!

3. Hide the Refrigerator

In the past, the refrigerator has been the centerpiece of any kitchen design. Contemporary designers have begun to question putting a giant, boxy appliance right in the middle of the room. They are now finding stylish ways to tuck the fridge away.

Some homeowners are sequestering their refrigerator in a dedicated pantry or behind a simple set of doors. This shifts the focus into other areas and makes the kitchen feel like a more social space. As a bonus, a lot of homeowners report less anxious snacking while the refrigerator is out of their line of sight!

This is an excellent complement to the other “nature-inspired” trends on the list. Keeping the appliances hidden makes the room feel more grounded and organic.

4. Apron-Front Sinks

One of the more unique trends for your kitchen is the addition of an apron-front sink. These sinks are a modern version of the popular “farmhouse sink” and are another great way to add a natural element to your design. These sinks are marble, with a rectangular tip that comes down to “kiss” the cabinets below.

Often, the marble matches the countertops or the backsplash to create a unity of design. Plus, marble is a unique neutral that can easily match a variety of earth-tone hues. They can be either seamless or more traditional, depending on your style preferences.

You’ll want to speak with a marble fabricator to get in on this trend. They can help you create a custom piece that fits within your budget. This is a major renovation for anyone looking for a complete kitchen makeover in 2022!

5. Add a Double Island

The open floorplan has taken home design by storm over the past decade or so. As homes evolved, the kitchen island became a major design feature in modern kitchens. As we enter the year 2022, interior designers have begun designing kitchens with not one but two distinct islands.

This trend only works if you have the space, but it looks fantastic when you do! These islands serve as food preparation surfaces and social spaces for gathering, eating, and talking. They help shift the focus of the kitchen into a shared cultural space.

This is the perfect design choice for anyone with a big family who could benefit from the ability to spread out. If you host a lot of parties, this upgrade will certainly be a hit with your guests!

Ring in the New Year With 2022 Kitchen Trends

Whether you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen in 2022 or simply looking for a fresh coat of paint, these kitchen trends are a great place to start! It is amazing how a little change can improve the way you feel in your own home. Consider making one change this year and see for yourself what a kitchen upgrade can do for your state of mind!

There’s no need to stop there! Check out the rest of the blog for more articles that might inspire your next New Year’s resolution!

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