Treat Cancer Without Medication: 7 Alternate Ways To Consider!

If you think that chemotherapy and strong medicines are the only way to treat cancer, think over! Of course, these treatments are very effective and play a direct role in coping with their signs and symptoms, integrating other alternative were also improve overall wellbeing.

Further, here’s a sad, but frustrating truth: You could become healthy and disease-free, if you know how to catch cancer early and would be able to diagnose it at it’s initial stage.

Here are 7 alternatives apart from medicine that are effective for treating cancer and are worth trying:


This process uses fragrant oils to relax muscles and to give calming sensations in the body. Oils that are infused with scents like jojoba can be used for a message on the skin or can be added to the bath water.  Such therapy helps relieving pain and stress as well as aids in treating nausea.

You can also heat the oils to release the fragrance of the scent into the air.  While it’s quite safe, the oils that are applied to the skin can cause allergies. This means people suffering from estrogen-sensitive cancer should refrain from applying oils with lavender and tea tree fragrances.


Acupuncture helps relieving symptoms of nausea that are caused by chemotherapy.  In fact, studies indicate that acupuncture is quite effective in chemotherapy treatments that are induced with vomiting and nausea.

Furthermore, acupuncture also helps relieve pain, tissue swelling, the pain of local swelling post-operation as well as other pains in the patients who are dealing with cancer. Energetic acupuncture, treatment consist of the use of needles with moxibustion (a process in which heated herbs) and electricity, which helps in accelerating patients’ recovery.


Physical exercises help to ease the symptoms during and after cancer treatments. Regular exercise sessions help improving balance and aids in lowering the risk of falls and broken bones. It keeps the muscles from wasting because of inactivity in the body.

Also, exercise help lowers the risk of feeling anxious and depressed; it lessens nausea, makes you less dependent on others. The start of the slow 30-minutes walks and keep on adding more exercises as you move.


It’s a deep stage of concentration and attention in which the therapist will relax you physically while your mind is curious and alert. Patients who have cancer suffer symptoms like anxiety, stress, depression, fear, and more. However, hypnosis help eliminating these symptoms. It makes patients feel relaxed and offer better ways to cope with pain.


Meditation offers huge benefits to the people suffering from cancer with the most common one includes reduced stress, reduction in anxiety and depression, decreased chronic pain, and more.

 It is believed that one’s state of mind and mental condition can be the most common factor contributing to chronic ailment. And by applying alternative practices like meditation, you can cure cancer. Also, meditation is safe; which means you can meditate on your own or can take help from the instructor.

Martial Art:

Martial art is an amalgamation of deep breathing therapy and exercise sessions to relax muscles with ease. The exercises involve slow, fluid movements, which help in restoring the balance in the energy system.

Regular practice sessions of Tai Chi help calming mind and emotions, improve balance, reduce muscle and joint pain, and promote clear thinking and improved focus.


Yoga is all about stretching, along with deep breathing exercises. During yoga, you will position your body in different poses that need to twist, stretching, and bending. It detoxifies the body by eliminating the dead cells and toxins from the body.

It boosts the immune system, makes muscles and bones strong, and reduces stress. Further, obesity or overweight contributes to the high risk of cancer, which yoga helps in minimizing.

So, those were some of the effective ways to treat cancer without medication.

                Note: Discuss them with your doctor and find which strategies would work for you!

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