What are the Famous Fittings Items from the Aeroquip?

You may have seen different fittings in the bathroom and kitchen while searching for an apartment or a house. It is the fittings that make the spots look beautiful and it is necessary that you choose the right thing from a renowned brand.

Aeroquip has been one of the top brands manufacturing different shaped fittings for sinks, basins, and other spots where you need sanitation and water supply.

Anyway, let’s know more about the brand and its journey, including some significant products from the Aeroquip brand.

What Is Aeroquip: Know About It

Aeroquip Fittings is a brand that launches many items of various designs related to the kitchen and washroom. Most of the items are mainly faucets and hoses for the space to attach to the water supply path.

The brand has been working and introducing up-to-date products for 65 years, nearly seven decades. The original manufacturer of this brand is Eaton’s, and that’s why people know this brand as Eaton’s Aeroquip.

Let’s know the primary difference it has with other fitting brands and that is another brand may prepare items for household fittings, but Aeroquip makes the items for air transport fittings for the passengers and flight attendants.

The brand has not limited its production to hose and faucets, but they are also producing couplings, connectors, adapters, etc. for automobile and aerospace items. Though China has the lead in the equipment production market, this brand stood out from Turkey.

Now the perspective of the brand has changed a bit and it has started making items for industries and communities as well besides the traditional ones.

Are Aeroquip Items Worth Buying?

Well, if you check the old models of fittings item from this brand, you may feel demotivated to purchase anything from the store. But the truth is Aeroquip is also changing its products, or updating them with the time like other brands.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the items being outdated and unusable because there is a huge option of new models in front of you. You can easily choose a thing according to your choice, but you have to be careful that the things already attached will cope up with your chosen fittings.

Moreover, it is necessary to ensure that your existing fittings are easily replaceable; otherwise, it would be a mess. Budget is another thing that you should consider as it’s not always possible for everyone to buy the expensive fittings for themselves.

What Are the Famous Fittings Items from Aeroquip?

A brand can’t be on the top overnight, and the customer services and some outstanding products make the company famous and trustworthy among people. That’s why it is necessary to know the best-selling products from aeroquip fittings Everett; all products will surely not be in the leading positions.

1. Hydraulic Large Hose from Aeroquip

It is a large hose for a basin or a part that will randomly come in contact with water; it is massive because the length is 25 feet. The thickness here is only 1.5 inches, and the material is pretty long-lasting that helping you to fit into the area pretty quickly. The price may be more than a thousand dollars, but it’s worth buying.

2. Aeroquip Crimping Machine

You may not know but a crimping machine is a part & parcel for those who work regularly with fittings items, especially joining them. There are many crimping machines from the Aeroquip brand, but the model FT-1300-115 for hydraulics is the best among all.

3. Male and Female Hose

Among the different types of hoses made by Aeroquip, you can identify 2 or 3 models among them; one is for female washrooms and others are for males. Surprisingly, those JIC hoses are available at a reasonable price; the price range is between $14-$21.

4. Hose Fittings

The hose fittings are of different diameters and thicknesses, but you can’t neglect any of them because every item has its significance. The prices will also vary due to the difference, but you can have what you want.


I think you must count on Aeroquip fittings if you want premium quality items for fittings around you no matter where. You may choose the things that you need after checking the product details on the site.

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