What Can You Run on a 30 Amp Generator?

Generators are essential devices that can assist you when camping or cruising your RV. Sometimes you can decide to get your house a backup power plan if you have accessories that need a constant power supply. A 30-amp generator is the right appliance for you in such circumstances.

This type of generator can power your appliances with less noise. Moreover, you can choose the right generator design you need in regard to your camping needs. This article will equip you with information on What can you run on a 30 amp generator. The information is valuable for you to help you decide on the right 30-amp generator for your appliances.

What can you run on a 30 amp generator?

An ampere is a unit of measurement which shows the amount of power that an appliance utilizes to run. From the generatorgeek.com, different generators produce a certain amount of amp depending on their sizes. Therefore a 30-amp generator is capable of supplying 30 amps of power. To understand its application, read through the discussion on What can you run on a 30 amp generator.

You Can Run on RVs

When you have your RV, you can power it with your 30-amp generator. RVs are best suited for a 30-amp electrical system. Furthermore, you can hook a number of other appliances at the same time.

If your residential vehicle has a lot of power running through it, you can direct your power out by tripping the breaker.

The 30-amp generator’s working principle is in such a way that the system uses a 120V. To get the maximum allotment of watts, you multiply 120V by 30A. This will translate to 3600 watts. Therefore, ensure that the sum of watts that the devices you plug have should not exceed 3600 watts.

Use it to Run Your House Appliances.

You can also get a 30-amp generator to use in your house. Appliances like laptops, TVs phone chargers can run on a 30-amp generator.

To demonstrate this, take, for instance, you have an air conditioner that has 1700W and a refrigerator that uses 400W. It means that you can plug your phone charger, TV, laptops, and many more provided you don’t exceed maximum wattage.

However, a modern home might not be ideal because appliances like the central air conditioners and electric heater need more amps. They require around 150 to 20o amp. If you have such devices, you might need a different generator with more ampere.

What Is the Right Generator Size for a 30-amp RV?

The least total output power for your generator for RV should be 3000 watts. This generator is ideal because you can run your equipment like the air conditioner without causing any threat.

Experts recommend that a 3000 and above watt inverter is compact and makes transportation easy. This generator also burns less fuel; hence, it does not make a lot of noise than larger ones.

In instances where the generator has a dedicated 30-amp RV, you may plug into your RV directly with an extension cord’s help. In other cases, you can buy a 30-amp 3 prong adapter.

Are They Suitable for Commercial Use?

The 30-amp generators are ideal for commercial use. However, not all of them are suitable because, in commercial applications, the used devices are either medium or heavy-duty. Therefore, a 30-amp generator needs to be more powerful so that it carries the load safely. A 30-amp generator will only work for a shorter period if you use it on heavy appliances.

Buying the Best 30-amp Generator

Usually, every person needs a product that can function effectively over an extended period. However, to achieve this, you need to buy a high-quality generator. When purchasing generators, some factors can guide you to make a brilliant decision. Let’s get deeper into aspects to consider if you intend to buy a 30-amp generator.

Fuel Type

Both diesel and gas-powered generators are available for prospects. Moreover, there are both the battery-powered option and propane-powered generators. All these models provide us the energy we use to run our appliances. However, they vary in terms of performance in different ways. Gasoline options are preferable to people. However, there are few individuals who stand with diesel options for a reason. In performance, diesel generators stand out due to their optimum power than other market brands.

Consequently, people prefer propane-powered options due to their environmentally friendly nature. Consequently, the battery-powered options are rare since they are not practical and costlier as such. So, choose an option depending on what needs you need to fulfill. You can even consider an option using the combined fueling options since they emerge as the powerful options of all.


Here comes another factor to consider if you need a quality 30-amp generator to use. The engine determines the power of the generator. Therefore, ensure you choose a generator having both reliability and power. Consequently, there are other engine features to look at when shopping for these machines. Features like the safety ratings of an engine and auto-shutdown provide you a hint of what generator you intend to purchase.

Therefore, when deciding about this, look at these features. If information about the engine isn’t available, read what customers say. Consider a durable engine and one that serves efficiently. This way, you would have had an investment of life.


So, What can you run on a 30 amp generator? Our article has provided detailed information on where you can use these generators. Moreover, we have enlightened readers with a few tips that can guide them in the selection process. Incorporate the ideas of others from external sources to enable you to get the service of these machines. Trust me, 30-amp generators make ideal investments worthy of the value. They provide sufficient energy to run various home appliances.

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