What Should You Know Before Hiring a Building Cleaning Service?

The demand for professional cleaning services has seen a significant rise since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Corporate offices, restaurants, banks, and other building owners prioritize regular cleaning and sanitization of buildings and surfaces to reduce the spread of the disease.

Cleaning service companies now provide specialized disinfecting and biohazard clean-up services to maximize safety levels within the premises. Once you shortlist a few service providers, you may request quote from each of them and compare the quotes with the services they each offer to provide.

Types of Services Offered

The professional cleaning service may provide brochures or service lists that you can refer to. See if the scope of services extended by the company is compatible with your needs and requirements. You may also want to ensure that they offer specific services to combat viral infection spreads.

The safety of your employees is of the highest importance, and you may want to choose a company that uses the right chemicals and equipment for disinfecting the building. If you have other specific needs like post-fire clean-ups, sewer clean-ups, or water restoration clean-ups, check if the company offers those services.

Licenses and Certifications

Professional cleaning services companies are required to hold relevant licenses and bonds. It’s essential to select a licensed service provider for professional cleaning, especially while the pandemic situation is persistent. Certifications like IICR and GBAC provide additional assurance on the quality and authenticity of the cleaning service.

Experience and Expertise

Professional cleaning service providers who have experience in multiple cleaning techniques may be the best choice for your building. Experienced providers know which specific chemicals, liquids, and powders are best for you based on the nature of your requirements.

The cleaning requirements of a hospital building would vary significantly from services required by a residential apartment. Experienced service providers also know what specific cleaning techniques work best for each area of the building. Areas like surfaces that your employees or tenants are directly in contact with may need deep disinfecting techniques.

Reviews and Referrals

Go through reviews and referrals offered by your acquaintances or by former clients of the cleaning service provider. It is vital to choose a service provider with the highest ratings. Compromising the quality might enhance the pace at which infections spread. If you are dealing with a severe issue like a chemical spill or a gas leak, you will need trained cleaning staff who offer the most professional service.

Cost of the Service

Request a quote from the cleaning service company and verify that the cost of the service is within your budget. Companies that use sophisticated equipment and cleaning chemicals may charge more for their services. However, the quality and reliability of the service are more important than the cost of the service.

Do Your Research

Define your requirements clearly before you start looking for a professional cleaning service. Browse through websites of the cleaning service providers to get a good understanding of the range of services they offer and the price of each of those services. A reputed cleaning service provider with ample experience can play a critical role in ensuring the safety of all who enter your building.

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