What You Should Know about Matchmaking Websites for Singles

Most of us who were born in the 80s, remember the trepidation it took to go only any online dating website, leave alone meet anyone at a party or social gathering, and hope they stick with us for life. But of course, when your just 18 years old, that doesn’t always work out because we look at things through the “heart-shaped” glasses, until we grow up, and realize, we want something more concrete, more meaningful and to last a lifetime.

We want this endless list of the perfect someone, who we want to be with for the rest of our lives through thick or thin, and be as a team and do everything together, wake up next to each other, cook food for each other, raise your kids together…and the list goes on and gets longer. Some may get everything on their bucket list, while others may not, which is why some of the most dedicated experts have created various things to try out such as online dating platforms like these mentioned here or matchmaker applications for mobile and other devices to bring us that glimmer of hope that we will find “that” someone to fulfill all our dreams and make out wishes come true.

Okay, so it may sound like a fairytale, but if you know that almost over 40% of Americans use online dating, not to mention the fact that 40 million Americans are using tall the different types of platforms ranging from the youngest (legal) age up to the oldest 60 years Also sitting on his front porch smoking his cigar.

Some Statistics to Pay Heed To – You Are Not Alone

Here are six of the many more statistics that we’ve found online to make you feel right at home when considering to make a move in this direction.

  1. In 2015 alone, almost 50% of the population in the U.S. was comprised of only single adults.
  2. Did you know that more men use these platforms in comparison to women and vary depending on the location and site being used?
  3. These platforms often ask questions like your weight, age, height, and some ask about the job you’re in and what your average income is, and majority, almost half of the subscribers lie about this, so your thinking about doing it, just know that you’re not alone.
  4. Another thing you may not be alone in is, the year your profile picture was taken. According to one such popular dating site, turns out that almost 30% of female subscribers or users of the apps, use a much younger and thinner image while at least 20% of men do the same https://www.statista.com/topics/2158/online-dating/. Again, you won’t be along in this one too, so go ahead and get your graduation pictures out, or just keep it real and use a recent selfie, you may get more brownie points that way.
  5. If you’re a female user, chances are you will not be looking for just a hookup. More women are now looking for more real companionships to last a lifetime, they first did when these trends began. Now they’re more serious about it and will only choose you if you say you are ready for a commitment, in which case, the men need to be serious about that claim.
  6. A lot of people have met their match online, dated them, and gotten married to each other within the span of a few months, and to date live a happy and fulfilling life together. So, to think that this cannot happen in these types of places would be a misconception of big proportions. This number tends to lean towards 20% of users.

What Are Your Online Options?

Now that you’ve decided that, just like all your friends, family, and co-workers who found their perfect mate online, you too want a piece of that pie, you could either ask them for their honest opinion or you could continue to read this article which will give you a non-biased one. There are tons to choose from, and below we have included some of the ones that we have investigated to find are the most popular and well-known ones and that has been doing well since they sprang up a few years ago. In the end, the choice is yours on which one to go for.

eHarmony. As mentioned above a lot of women, and men, are now looking for that long term commitment more than ever before and if this is your thing, eHarmony, with its 29 million members and counting, would be the best platform to choose and jump right in. the reason this is one of the good ones is that it has a sturdy matching system with a few favorable key features such as

  • What If? Options which, allow you to have a conversation with up to 30 potential matches who may or may not be well-suited to you but you may find a connection with. Which is why that initial conversation is so important and placed at the forefront of this system.
  • Just like when you go onto youtube or Instagram, this too has an option to add to your favorites. So, if you like someone profile, click and they will be added to your favorites as easy as 1-2-3 and you can revisit them at a later stage and narrow down things.
  • You could even “smile” at them without sending them a message, its good to know you are liked.
  • If you want to know more you can even send them questions.

The majority of these sites try and keep their ratio of men to women equal. This one, for instance, has 53% male users and 47% women.

When Tinder first came out it was the craze and was also another option back in the day, and perhaps still is in some parts of the world, but it may not be the best for long-term or serious partnerships, read more about this online. Other options such as match.com or Elite Singles are also just as good as useful for when looking to meet someone you may end up spending the rest of your life with, the idea is not to give in 100% but to keep certain things a mystery for those whom you like. For instance, if you have any pet peeves, dishing them out all at once may keep people away, rather do it in small bits and keep the excitement alive.

Another thing to keep in mind is never to give any super-personal information away to anyone, such as your address, your family details, if you’re a single parent make sure you mention it but any information about your kid is a big no-no until you’ve met, agreed on each other and perhaps on your 2nd or 3rd date then when you are comfortable, you can spill it all out.

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