Why is My Computer So Slow? 4 Tricks to Try and Speed it Up

Is your computer running slow?

Over 4.8 million people go online every day. With the pandemic keeping most of us under lockdown, more people keep themselves in front of the computer to entertain themselves, catch up on the news, and chat with their friends and family.

While browsing the internet, seeing our slow computer process is normal. If it happens often, though, it raises some concern and our temper. “Why is my computer so slow” is the question we asked as we bear that face with disappointment.

Don’t worry, we know that dealing with a slow computer is tiring. These are the four things that slow your computer and how to remedy them. Read on what we have below and learn more.

1. Delete Some Space

Be it your favorite videos, games, or music, adding files to your computer is unavoidable. This also means your hard drive or memory space is nearing its limit.

This affects the computer, which slows down its performance. Don’t worry, freeing up space on your computer will do the trick. Doing some spring cleaning on your drive and defragmenting it is a great way to speed up your computer again.

2. Browser Overload

Google Chrome is the most used search engine in the world. With it, it’s possible to do a million things at once.

However, doing this takes a toll on your computer. Your device must have good enough RAM to keep up with Chrome’s demand for processing power. If you don’t have enough, you’ll find that your device will slow down every time you launch a new program.

Don’t worry, a simple solution to this is to limit the number of programs you open on your computer. This balances the processing between browsing the internet and another task of your choice. Closing your browser is another good way to reset the amount of RAM that it takes up.

3. Install Anti-Virus Software 

Your computer might have a virus that causes it to run slow. There is a virus that affects the performance of your computer. It hogs resources that it doesn’t need, which slows the performance of your computer.

Downloading an anti-virus software helps in these situations. Aside from removing the virus on your computer, it also frees up space that it needs. This makes your computer operate seamlessly when opening another program.

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4. Restart Your Computer 

There are too many background programs open on your computer that make it slow. This means your processing memory is not enough to accommodate all. Don’t worry, restarting your computer free’s up memory and improves its performance.

Never Have a Slow Computer Again

We can all agree that a slow computer is not good for our health. Because it frustrates us as we browse the internet. Don’t worry, follow these simple tips to improve your browsing experience.

Do you want to learn more about your computer’s performance? You can do more things to improve your performance with the resources you have. Check out more of our blogs to learn all you can today!

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