The Smile Guide: How to Fix Crooked Teeth Without Braces

Are you unhappy with your smile?

If so, the same is probably true for millions of people in the United States. After all, not everyone is born with perfect white teeth. 

Crooked teeth don’t have to stay crooked, even if you don’t want to deal with the cost of orthodontics. That’s because there are other solutions.

Here we take a look at how to fix crooked teeth without braces. This is great news for anyone with crooked teeth who can afford orthodontic treatment. Keep reading to learn more.

What Makes Teeth Crooked?

Let’s start by talking about the problem itself. The simple truth is, that some people are born with perfect teeth, while many others aren’t. Is there a reason for this?

When it comes to teeth that are naturally straight and attractive, the answer is basically no. Just blame it on good genetics or plain old luck. After all, siblings who share the same parents often have wildly different teeth.

It’s also important to look at the quality of dental hygiene during early childhood. In other words, kids who receive proper dental treatment and who are provided with a healthy diet will typically have more attractive teeth than those who aren’t given such resources.


When it comes to some of the most common ways to straighten teeth without braces, many people choose to wear a retainer. 

This is an oral appliance that the dental patient will wear for months and sometimes years. Retainers are made of plastic and metal and are designed to slowly adjust the position of teeth.

Dental Crowns

Here’s the thing about dental crowns, they don’t actually straighten teeth, they simply provide the illusion of a straightened tooth. How is this possible? A dental crown caps the misaligned tooth so that it’s no longer visible.


Invisalign is an extremely effective dental product that straightens teeth over a specified period of months says this dentist who offers dental implants in Chesapeake VA. The great benefit of this type of product is that the appliance is easy to put in and take out, is comfortable to wear, and produces great results. In addition, Invisalign is less expensive than braces.

Here’s a resource where you can learn more about Invisalign.

Dental Veneers

Veneers, much like dental crowns, don’t straighten teeth but do make them look more attractive. Rather than covering up one or two teeth at a time, veneers can cover all your teeth, thus totally transforming crooked teeth into a more attractive smile.

Tips On How to Fix Crooked Teeth Without Braces

It’s no secret that most people would love to have a dazzling white smile. And yet many people can’t afford the cost of orthodontics, which is why understanding how to fix crooked teeth without braces is such a game-changer.

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