Your Guide to Setting Up a Virtual Office Space

Virtual offices don’t get enough praise. They’re the solution to many budget limitations small business owners face.

Think beyond multi-year leases when starting a new business. Virtual office space can usually give you all the same perks as a traditional office but at a fraction of the cost.

Take a look at this guide to using virtual office space.

What is Virtual Office Space?

If you’re teleworking, does that count as virtual office space? The answer is yes and no.

Your home office does have its advantages as a virtual office space. But it’s not the type of office that creates maximum professional benefits.

Virtual office companies offer you the chance to operate your business outside of your home with all the same amenities as a traditional office space. The purpose of these spaces isn’t to make your office virtual to you or your team, but to make the office virtual to your customers.

You can go into a physical location with a virtual office and it doesn’t change the fact that it’s virtual. Virtual office spaces allow you to travel or work from home while still maintaining a storefront elsewhere.

Your virtual office space is your home base where customers visit you or call in with questions. It’s also a place for your team to meet and collaborate when you have topics you want to discuss. 

Think of virtual office space as a central meeting place for your business. You go as much as you want or need and only pay for what you use.

Why Not Just Get a Normal Office Space?

For people who successfully work out of their homes, virtual offices add a step above that working experience. You might not opt for normal office space in a building because it’s far more management than you want. 

What about businesses that need a physical location? Shouldn’t they just get traditional office space?

The benefits of traditional office space are similar to a virtual office space. Here are some of the perks of getting a virtual office instead of a permanent office.


For the startup business owner, you want a situation that’s flexible. Your company could double or triple in size within the first few months.

Not being tied to a permanent location allows you to move around as you need without paying high costs to break your lease agreement. Choose the office size, location, and amenities you want right now and scale up or down based on how your business performs.

Many virtual office spaces allow you to pay month to month so you’re not locked into a contract. This month to month setup gives you access to various locations around the country.

If you travel, you can simply meet a client at another virtual office space owned by the same company. 


Another reason to choose virtual offices is that they’re professional. You’ll have a more professional appearance with a receptionist answering your calls.

Many entrepreneurs route calls to their cell phones where dogs barking or children crying hurt their reputation as a credible business. A receptionist in a virtual office space is trained in routing calls and can check with you before routing calls in your direction.

The background noise of the virtual office space is just what clients want to hear to make sure they’re dealing with a legitimate business. When it comes time to hold a meeting, the conference room at the virtual office space is better than you’ll get in many office buildings.

Business suites don’t give you access to more space than the office itself. This means if you need to hold a meeting with a lot of people, you have to go offsite. 

This lack of professionalism can taint your image with potential clients especially if the meeting is important. 

No Maintenance

You’re responsible for the upkeep in your office suite when you opt for a traditional setup. If something goes wrong in the suite, management expects you to make a reasonable effort to fix it.

For example, if your phone lines or the internet is down, that’s your responsibility to fix. With virtual office space, the management company is in charge of maintenance and repairs. 

You won’t have to waste precious company time worrying about issues in the suite or waiting for building maintenance to respond to your requests.

The virtual office company has a vested interest in keeping the space up and running at all times so you can get the work done you need. 

Budget Friendly

Virtual office space is one of the most budget friendly options for small business owners. You can scale up and down making your offices as extravagant or low key as you need.

Some people never need to go into an office and only want the physical address for company mailings. This physical location gives them the appearance of being in a prime real estate location but without the high price tags.

Aim for a virtual office space like BeOffices when you need multiple flexible options on your location setup.  

Benefits of Virtual Offices 

The benefits of virtual office space go far beyond just budget and professionalism. You get more control over how your business performs.

But not focusing on operational decisions every day, you can spend more time innovating making your product stand out among its competitors.

Save money and opt for a virtual office today. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates. 

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