Your Quick Guide to Pedestal System 

What Is Pedestal System? 

Pedestal system is a highly durable pedestal screw jack designed for the bearer, beam, paver, deck, and floor support. It is used in verandas, podium landscapes, pool surrounds, balconies, sun decks, plaza decks, roof gardens, pedestrian walkways, and roof terraces construction.

It is ideal for creating temporary or reusable or exhibition flooring and is an elevated decking commodity.

What Are the Features of Pedestal System? 

For different height combinations, it has high specific compressive strength and is made from recycled materials that fulfil the EU Hazardous Substances Restriction (RoHS).

It makes gradual slope correction and height adjustment to be easy. The round edge and the broad flat base do not compromise or penetrate water pounding and waterproofing structures. Also, pet breeding is prevented by its design. Bearer holders, wall spacer, spacer tabs, slope correctors are the accessories included.

Is Pedestal System A Low-Cost Decking Support? 

Pedestals are adjustable plastic decking supports with high strength. Support your beams and decking with heights varies from 75mm to 1000mm. It is convenient to install and more cost-efficient than piers built of metal and brick.

Why Do You Need Pedestal Systems?

Pedestal systems decrease sound propagation, improves heat insulation, and enables unpleasant services to be hidden inside the cavity under the elevated structure providing quick access when necessary. For most pavers, including precast concrete porcelain, marble, and granite; it can be used to build raised floors.

Pedestal System Used in Paver Pedestal System and Adjustable Decks

As it is an economical alternative for wood, brick, or metal substructures, it is also used for paver pedestals and adjustable decks. It has a super low to very high applications in installing elevated decking or pavers.

Raised podium floors enable faster drainage, quick and easy access to membrane waterproofing and unseen services beneath. Using purpose-built decking pedestals, you can decrease the cost of installation and simplify your designs compared to other materials. It can also:

  • Provides 100 per cent post-consumer recycled material.
  • Indexing slope compensation on bottom or top.
  • It is adjustable from ⅜ to 40.
  • It has a commercial quality which supports up to 3,500 lbs.
  • It has an exclusive beam holder which makes the decking pedestals level easy and fast.
  • It can be used with wood, stone, concrete, or granite pavers with dry or wet conditions.

What Are Features of Pedestal System Useful in Construction?

Super-low pedestal – it has a range between ⅜ and one and ¾ high with EVJ 70, -60, 50. It uses a specific ratcheting mechanism which allows the altitude to be changed easily and efficiently in 1/16″ intervals, with all its support maximum slope correction indexing, top dia. 6″ and 8-1/8 base.

Medium-low pedestals – For heights between 1-3/4″ and 4-5/8″ high, and with EVJ-40, -30, -20 are designed. The proven locking ring system adjustable screw height is included. Both accommodated the indexing top slope’s adjustment up to 5 per cent and have a top dia. 6″ and has 8-1/8 base.

Regular pedestals – for height between 4-⅝ up to 40 with EVJ-0 to EVJ-7 it was designed. It provides an indexing slope correction up to 5 per cent under the pedestal base >24H or on top of the pedestal <24h with barrel extender, which uses and addition locking rings of EVJ-2 higher.

Overall, Pedestal systems are the best option in any modern construction projects; however big or small it may be.

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