4 Different Types of Planter Pots You Can Choose From

Picking the perfect pots for your planters can be an equally amusing and challenging task. You cannot imagine the impact a pot can have on a plant. It is almost symbolic of the effect a home can have on the people it houses. While you can use anything today, from plastic hanging pots to wholesale ceramic pots, it is paramount to decide based on the plants’ requirements and needs. If the pot you choose doesn’t have adequate water holes or the material is not conducive to your plant’s growth, you may undoubtedly need to rethink things. Likewise, with the perfect pot-planter combination, you can have a fuss-free time gardening and enjoying the perks of the seeds you sowed! (literally).

Listed below are four types of pot variants you can choose from:

Terracotta: Perhaps one of the most-earliest variants of planter pots, terracotta pots are traditional red clay pots that are perfect for almost any type and scale of gardening. It is because the porous clay material of these pots seamlessly soak in water from the soil and eventually dries out as well, saving you the hassle! You can also use them to grow dessert or dry plants like succulents or even water-consuming ones, both with equal ease and effortlessness.

Plastic Pots: If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and low-maintenance alternative, plastic pots can be your best bet. Not only are they lightweight, but also inexpensive. Besides, there is no dearth in terms of variety, colour, size etc. However, you need to bear some essential things in mind as they may not be the most appropriate fit for certain types of plants. For example, black plastic has a higher propensity to absorb heat and might burn the roots. Therefore, they are best recommended for indoor plants. And if you are keen on using plastic pots for your outdoor plants, pay special attention to their placement. Opting for light-coloured variants can help to keep the environment inside the pot cool, especially during scorching summers.

Glazed Ceramic Pots: If aesthetic functionality and features top your priority list, get home wholesale ceramic pots without batting an eyelid! These pots are solid and hefty and offer plenty of variety in terms of shapes, design and patterns. Another added advantage of investing in them is that almost any plant will thrive in a glazed ceramic container. If cost is not a constraint, ceramic pots make the perfect accompaniments to your space, uplifting the vibe and nurturing your very own homegrown green!

Wooden Pots: Finally, One of the most valuable and natural gardening containers, wooden planters are attractive, hold water well, and are pretty light. When buying wooden containers, ensure that they are made of rot-resistant woods like cedar or redwood and that they’re well-built, as wood shrinks and expands in every weather cycle. In terms of cost, it entirely depends on your budget and how much you’re willing to push to ensure a conducive environment for your cherished plants.

Potted plants, whether grown indoors or outdoors, require nearly the same effort of care and maintenance. They undoubtedly offer a lot of visual appeal and render a ton of health benefits. Therefore you must ensure that you address all of their needs to keep them looking as lovely and vibrant as you can. While finding the perfect pots for them is an important step, equally important is knowing when they should be repotted into something larger or more suitable.

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