5 Ways to Pick a Reliable Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful death is a tragedy that leaves permanent scars. It’s no wonder why people often do not take legal action against the negligent party responsible. But if you put off pursuing a claim, you might lose your right to file a lawsuit, and important evidence might become unavailable.

Even if the other party killed your loved one unintentionally, your family could still be entitled to compensation. Finding a reasonable attorney for this mission is essential. The right lawyer will know how to estimate a fair value for your claim and compile the evidence needed to strengthen it.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a wrongful death lawyer:

Know Their Schedule

Often the best lawyers are always booked up to their necks. They might take on your case but provide limited communication, which can be stressful. If you want to get the best representation, find out the number of cases the attorney is handling. Make sure they have the time to devote to yours.


Experience matters a lot in an attorney since the legal system is so complex and always evolving. Your lawyer should have handled similar cases before so they know the relevant statutes and case law. Try to observe whether they seem confident talking about the technical aspects of your case, and ask specific questions about their experience in similar claims.

Look at Their Cases

Survey their past work. You can never be sure about what a lawyer says during the initial consultation. Digging out their previous cases can give you a good idea of their portfolio. Your lawyer is your ticket to a winning case; they need to be knowledgeable about your claim. Don’t shy away from getting to know the lawyer’s past clients and learn from them how satisfied they were with their case’s handling. You can do this by reading reviews.


Your attorney should take care of your case like it’s their own. And for this, they need to understand your case in depth. Not all wrongful death cases are the same; each of them can have their own complications. Looking at your file, your attorney should be able to tell the best route to take and explain likely outcomes in detail. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions during meetings.


Wrongful death attorneys typically charge on a contingency fee basis. When a law firm does this, they do not get paid unless they win. You can find the definition of contingency fee on this page: https://www.michaelwaks.com/long-beach-wrongful-death-lawyer/

Contingency fees are great since clients do not have to worry about their own financial means when considering whether to move forward with a claim. Be sure to ask if all fees including court costs are contingent on the outcome of the case, so you don’t have to foot an unexpected bill if your claim is not successful.

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