6 Things to Consider When Hiring a Professional Painter

Did you know that a fresh coat of paint has up to a 55% return on investment? Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home or you’re planning to sell a commercial building, hiring a professional painter can make your building look gorgeous.

But before you commit to a company, you’ll want to make some important considerations.

Keep reading as we detail a few of the major factors to ponder when hiring a professional painter.

  1. Job Type

Every professional painter has a specialty. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you’re seeking out the right kind of painter for the job.

While some businesses, such as www.marvelouspainters.com/, specialize in multiple types of paint jobs, other companies might only work in commercial or residential painting.

  1. Experience

They say that you get what you pay for. In the world of home improvement, that’s definitely true.

You can save a few bucks by hiring a painter who is new to the scene. However, they might not do as good of a job as you’d get by hiring a painter with years of experience.

While you might have to pay a little more upfront, it’s always worth it.

  1. Insurance

Even if your team of hired painters is careful, accidents can happen. And if that happens on your property, you could be held liable.

Always make sure your home improvement specialists come insured. Their insurance should cover any accidents that occur on the job site, as well as damages that could occur to your home or property.

You can ask for proof upfront during the initial consultation if you have any concerns.

  1. Equipment Quality

Speaking of cutting corners to save a few dollars, it’s always wise to ask about the materials the painting company will use. After all, different brands of paint lead to different results.

Make sure that the team you hire uses only professional-grade paints so that your project will look every bit as good as you hoped.

  1. Estimate Comparison

Even if you have a great feeling about the first company you meet with, get estimates from multiple sources. This can help you save money without having to sacrifice quality.

Likewise, you can use these estimates to haggle.

If Company A is charging $800 and Company B wants $600, you may be able to talk Company A down in price.

  1. Repairs and Clean-Up

The job doesn’t end when the paint starts to dry. If you’re not happy with the outcome of the painting project, you’ll have to come to an understanding with the painting company about fixes.

It’s best to detail the specifics of changes and touch-ups before the job begins so that everyone is on the same page.

Likewise, make sure you’re not on the hook for cleaning up leftover materials.

What to Consider When Hiring a Professional Painter

There you have it, the basic considerations you’ll want to make when hiring a professional painter. Remember, you’ll want to talk with multiple companies. That way you can find the best painters at the best price.

For more tips on improving your home while saving money, make sure to check out the rest of our blog.

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