8 Vital Things to Check Before Moving to a Rented House

Whether you’re having your first rental experience or last, finding the perfect rental place that fits into your budget is vital. Despite it being an exciting time for both the mover and their immediate family members, such an excitement tends to get into one’s head, leading them to disregard some significant factors associated with rentals. There exists a plethora of factors ranging from the type of landlord to minor issues such as pets that may prove not to be your favorite everyday cup of tea. Hence, you must conduct due diligence before making that final decision to move in.

This article focuses on the rental landscape and aims to enlighten first-time movers or those simply shifting on factors to look out for before making that final decision. Read on.

Cell Network Coverage

We don’t need to stress the importance of this. In today’s modern world, keeping in contact is crucial in every aspect of our lives. Our cell phones have become our best allies, and our lives crumble at the thought of not having one. Therefore, before moving into an apartment, you must check the signal strength of your cell phone service provider to ensure you benefit from proper signal strength. You can do this by checking the strengths in different parts of the house.

Such may not seem to be a big deal, but will come in handy during risky situations such as burglary or break-in. It may make the difference between life and death.


Despite the joys of moving into a new apartment, your joys may come to an end. It may be due to the presence of pests and rodents. Let’s face it; we aren’t the only ones who love to call our apartments home. The presence of such pests and rodents may bring about unwanted maladies through contamination or contact. Before moving in, it’s advisable to search in odd places such as cracks, on top of cabinets, among other places to detect traces of these unwanted guests.


For most tenants, their ideal rental places only appear suitable during the day. They don’t question their appearance during the nighttime; thus, they remain unaware of the happenings surrounding them. When it comes to security matters, one must get to know how security affects them, particularly during night time. The potential tenant may only know if he or she tours the area at night to have a feel of what’s on the ground. For instance, Brisbane, being the third most populous city in Queensland is a magnet to both investment and vice in equal measure. Despite the boom in real estate, security lights are installed to deter thieves and muggers eyeing apartment and home owners

For the tenants who moved in and discovered the negative implications of their decisions, their hope lies in enlisting the services of notable companies to enhance or upgrade their security. A great number of reputable locksmiths in Brisbane suggest changing your regular locks to more fortified or robust ones, among other security features such as CCTV installation to effectively deter criminals. How safe your car park is will prove how significant renting a place is, since the safety of both your vehicle and life is essential.

Getting Insights From Neighbors

When scouting for an apartment, you’re sure to get all the rosy stuff from the landlord. They aim to push up occupancy levels, hence ensuring maximum returns on investment. In as much as the apartment may look great, talking to the existing neighbors proves advantageous. They have lived there for a while and are past the “honeymoon” stage. They are a source of great insight into your concerns and may come across as supportive during your transition to a new place.

Testing Appliances

In case it’s a semi-furnished house and some appliances are included, you must test these home appliances to make sure it’s in good working order before moving in. Appliances such as the dishwasher, laundry machines, microwaves, and fridges require checking as they represent components that mostly get used on a daily basis. In case some or all the machines don’t work, it’s essential that you engage the landlord/lady to iron out the issue and know how the repairs will be taken care of and by whom.

The Lease Agreement

While checking through the apartment is essential, one normally gets advised to look through the tenancy agreement and scrutinize it thoroughly. The lease prescribes all the duties of both the lessor and the lessee. By reading it back to back, the potential tenant cushions themselves from an unexpected turn of events. Such an agreement may have zero tolerance for pets, yet the prospective tenant may not have a clue.

Documentation Of The State Of The House

It is always wise to take photographic evidence of any anomaly during the inspection before moving in. Such evidence acts as a backup in case you plan on moving out. Evidence indicating anomalies such as a torn carpet, a hole in the wall, or a cracked window among many others will save one a princely sum of money in terms of damage deposit if at all you can prove that they existed before moving in.

It’s always a typical scenario where landlords/ladies exaggerate or amplify the repairs to utilize the deposit money. Such photographic evidence serves as a way of deterring potential conflict between the involved parties and may be used legally in a worst-case scenario.

A lack of such evidence means that there’s a high possibility that your deposit will reduce as a way of paying up for the damages once you decide to move out

The Landlord

It would be best if you made time out of your busy schedule to meet up with the landlord. Many are oblivious of the fact that a landlord influences your renting experience in a big way. Having a bad one may lead you to have a bitter ordeal or, worse still, end up in court. Meeting up with your potential landlord, or at least talking over the phone, gives one an idea of what to expect.

Decided to sign the lease? If so, congratulations! We hope that you’ve ticked against the said checklist, and they meet your requirements. However, you should take into account that these are just some of the few factors that ensure a positive renting experience. There remains a myriad of factors that depends on one’s individual preference in ensuring a hassle-free experience.

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