All you need to know about affordable DHL airway bill

DHL airway bill is the responsibility of each and every sender. As a sender, you have the responsibility to bundle all your items in one DB and pack it with care so they will not get lost or damaged in transit. If anything is damaged, please contact DHL immediately so that they can work on recovering the damages. To get affordable DHL airway bill, you need the following tips;

1. Ask for multiple estimates

Have your items sent directly by post so that you have an idea of the cost of air delivery between two countries. If you sent items by DHL, look for the cheapest service provider. Compare their prices and services as they will all have different prices. Also, compare the cost when they collect your item from you at the destination.

2. Compare before you decide

When comparing the offers, do not rely on just one offer but check out several different destinations within a certain period of time in order to get an idea of what is affordable based on practice. For example, if you are sending a large piece of furniture to Australia which can take three weeks to arrive, choose this destination while looking for a DHL airway bill on Saturday and Sunday if you are sending it on Monday or Tuesday.

3. Pack carefully

If you start with careful packing, then you can save money by getting a DHL airway bill. Try to use thick bubble wrap to wrap the large furniture, then use bucket covers. For smaller pieces, use boxes and make sure the amount of items in each box is less than the normal package weight so that you can save on expensive domestic shipping charges. Remember to pack all your items well with care so that they arrive safely at their destination.

4. Chain or use container

When it comes to expensive items like electronics, the shipping box will cost a lot. So we suggest you use a chain or container. For example, if you are sending the electrical product to Japan, choose “DHL courier” and ask them to use a container instead of a box as the box will be too heavy and hard to be shipped as they are designed for small items like jewelry in clothes or small electronic parts.

5. Secure packing materials

Try to find packing materials that are strong and can easily withstand normal postal transit. The best materials for packing are strong bubble wrap, strong cardboard boxes, and good-quality packing peanuts. The packing materials should be strong enough to protect your items during normal transit. If you choose stronger materials, this will result in fewer damaged items and a lower shipping cost.

6. Ensure that items are well blocked

Most of the time, customers forget to pack the handles of their furniture carefully so they can’t open the parcel once it is delivered to the destination. It is important to use good quality packaging so that they can keep your furniture open when they deliver it to you or in case you want them to repack it for some other reason as well (such as resending if it arrives broken).

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