Carly Simon Net Worth

Carly Simon Net Worth and Biography

Carly Simon is an American multi-talented singer, who was born in 25th June, 1945. She is also a songwriter, musician, actress and author. Carly’s birth sign is Cancer and her birth place is New York, USA. She is well known for his world class songs.

Carly Simon Net Worth

Carly Simon Net Worth

Net worth of Carly is around 45 million US dollars.


In the 1960s, Carly began music life with her sister whose name is Lucy. Her first album titled “The Simon Sisters” and they released three albums together. In 1971, she released her first solo albums and her song “That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be” became very popular. At the same year, she released the album “Anticipation” and it made her much popular.

Carly released almost 39 albums which help to get her much popularity and grew up her large net worth. “Spy” (1979), “Hello g Man” (1983),  “Spoiled Girl” (1985 “My Romance” (1990) are her most popular released albums. Her last studio album is “Never Been Gone” which was released in 2009.

 “Let the River Run” is the most famous song of Carly Simon whichever from the film “the working girl”. She won Germany awards, Academy awards and golden globe awards for this famous song.

“You’re So Vain”, “Mockingbird”,  “Jesse” are her golden certificated song.

Beside her wonderful music career, she also involved in film as an actress. Her movie “Taking Off”, “Perfect”, “Little black book” became very popular.

In 1994, Carly entered into songwriting profession. In 1989, she published her first book “Amy the Dancing Bear”. She published all about six books in her career. She published her last new book “Boys in the Trees: A Memoir” in 2015, which get much attention for people.

Personal Life

Carly’s full name is Carly Elisabeth Simon and she was from a German Jewish family. She is the daughter of Richard L. Simon and Andrea Heinemann Simon. Her father was the co-founder of Simon & Schuster and her mother was a civil rights Crews. Carly married to James Taylor in 1972. They have two children together. They are Sally Taylor and Ben Taylor whose are also musician. Carly divorced Taylor in 1983. Then she engaged to William Donaldson. But unfortunately they broke up and Carly married to James Hart in 1987 and divorced him in 2007. At present, she is single.

Quick View on Carly Simon

Full Name: Carly Elisabeth Simon

Born: 25th June, 1945

Children: 2 daughters

Carly Simon Net Worth: $45 million

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