Pastor Ra Vernon Net Worth

Pastor Ra Vernon Net Worth and Biography

Dr. R. A. Vernon is he who is the pioneer of a church which name is The word Church. He is also a superior pastor of that Church. The Word Church is not only a largest but also a fastest rising church in the Ohio church history, Cleveland and America.

Dr. Vernon has happily enjoyed in pasturing. He really enjoyed it with almost two decennial in the pastorate. It is really good to know that he always try to improve personality and he consciously chooses it.

Pastor Ra Vernon Net Worth

In 2000, Dr. Vernon began his service at a high class school. Now a huge development is seen in his service. He builds the word church and now it is a multi site church with 4 campuses and 14 services. He began The Word Church which is at Downtown in 2014 and which is fully debt free.

Because of his uncompromising unity, he is a pathfinder and he concentrate on innovation and relevance. Dr. Vernon improved the theme of previously recorded for the number of hebdomadal worship services.

To lead the satellite locations, he learned the method of campus pastors planting. For that, the members of these locations can feel his personal attendance even he isn’t attending physically in here. He knows the value of mentorship. He is a creative leadership and guidance of “The Shepherds Connection”. About 290 or above senior pastors are works for this foundation.

Pastor Ra Vernon Net Worth

Net worth of this pastor is unknown because Ra Vernon didn’t reveal his net worth yet.


Dr. R. A. Vernon loves to learn and teach. He completed his diploma with a major in black church studies on theology. He also completed MA in practical theology. He is doctorate of ministry.

Personal Life

Dr. R. A. Vernon is an author. He published three books. He is best known for a book which name is “Dr. R.A. Vernon’s 10 Rules of Dating”.

He got married with a First Lady whose name is Victory Vernon. Victory Vernon and her husband have total 5 children. They lead a very happy family.

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