Easy And Effective Way to Trade with NAS100

NAS100, better known as NASDAQ-100 index or NDX100, is a US-focused equity index launched 37 years ago. The top 100 non-financial stocks are listed on this stock exchange. You are likely to find many tech stocks on the list, and this has seen the index, also referred to as US Tech 100. However, it is not to be confused with the NASDAQ Composite, which serves as an index composed of every stock listed on the NASDAQ exchange. 

What Led to The Birth of NAS100?

NAS100 came about as the NASDAQ exchange sought to become more competitive against the NYSE and Standard & Poor’s S&P 500 index. The index allowed for the creation of various futures and derivatives products which fueled the growth of the parent platform and the index itself. Over the following years, the index would become stronger with the coming of technology stocks. This was the index managing an approximately 14% growth rate each year since the beginning and that is without even having to factor in the dividends. 

If you search NAS100 forex, you are likely to come across the index’s composition, composing about 102 securities that are issued by the hundred top non-financial stocks from the parent exchange. And since it hosts several tech stocks, you can bet that most of the top tech giants are part of the index. Also, you will likely find other companies from different industries. That said, you need to understand a review occurs every year where the index is re-ranked plus rebalanced. It’s not uncommon for companies to drop out if their weight drops below 0.1%. Their position is taken by larger yet not indexed companies.

Why Trade Nas100 in Naga? 

NAS100 is one of the popular indices you can trade on NAGA. The main determinant of its price is the demand for an asset in the markets around the world. And this demand is driven and impacted by multiple factors.

There are several reasons why you should consider trading NAS100 on NAGA. For starters, the platform boasts over 1 million users trading various assets on it, thanks to its diversity and ease of use. Getting started is quite easy as you need to visit the platform’s official website and register a new account. Proceed to verify it and make your deposit. Then head to the market page and search for the NAS100 (Nasdaq) pair. The next step is entering the amount you want to buy or sell and executing. However, ensure you employ risk management by setting the Take Profit and Stop Loss. Once the trade is live, you can go to My trades and press Close if you want to close it. 

The steps above seem quite easy; however, the thing with trading is it isn’t that easy. You need to understand how to conduct technical and fundamental analysis well. Plus, be able to practice sound risk management. To simplify the process for beginners, NAGA has an Autocopy tool that allows you to copy the best performing traders’ trades and share their success. You can do this as you are busy learning the trading craft using various free resources on offer on the platform, including webinars, ebooks, and blogs. 

Once you have a fair understanding of what trading is all about, there is a free demo account where you can practice and test your strategies using “virtual funds” under real market conditions. Put in the hours and perfect your strategies until you are confident enough to test them out in the actual market. 

Also, to increase your chances of success, the platform will share daily trading signals, market news, and updates from Thomson Reuters, which will help you improve your trading decisions. 

That said, it’s easy to see why over 1 million traders prefer NAGA as their trading partner. 

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