Electromagnetic Pollution: What Is It and How Can You Protect Yourself From It?

Electromagnetic devices are with you or around you wherever you go. Life would be hard, even stressful if you had to let go of them. Did you know that the average household has about 25 connected devices?

Smart devices and electronics make our lives easier no doubt. But this comfort comes at a price. On the surface, these devices look quite harmless.

Yet they play a significant role in increasing electromagnetic pollution. Electronic pollution has its fair share of adverse effects on our health. Top among them is accelerating mutations that are responsible for the development of cancerous conditions.

Fortunately, there are ways you can protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation without getting rid of the devices you love. Dive in to learn how.

Electromagnetic Pollution: What Is It?

Electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation during their operation. These electromagnetic waves take many forms such as radio waves, microwaves, gamma rays, and x-rays. It’s impossible to see most of these EM energies with the naked eye.

When electronic devices emit these radiations in small amounts, they aren’t harmful to you. However, having many electronic devices in the home emitting these radiations at the same time has a compounding effect.

The total amount of radiation you’d be exposing yourself to could be above what’s considered safe. Electromagnetic pollution refers to the existence of radiation in the environment at levels deemed hazardous to your well-being.

Protecting Yourself from Excessive Electromagnetic Energy

It’s impossible to avoid EMF energy completely. But there are steps you can take to manage its effects. Some of them include:

Knowing the Exposure Levels in Your Home

You can’t see radiation waves but you can measure their amount. That’s your first line of defense against electromagnetic pollution. You must determine in advance whether the EMF level in your home is within the threshold.

Detectors can help you do that. Visit emf-protection.com for more information.

Disabling the Wireless Functions

Every wireless device in your space emits a Wi-Fi signal which contributes to pollution. Disable the signal on all the wireless devices or close the devices when you aren’t using them. Use Ethernet cables to access the internet if you use a computer.

Replacing the Wireless Devices

Wireless devices are convenient to use because of their portability and the neat aura that they provide. But they force you to rely on a signal for the devices to communicate effectively. The signals increase your exposure to electromagnetic waves.

You can minimize the exposure by replacing wireless devices with their wired versions.

Keeping the Devices at a Distance

The farther you are from an EMF source, the better the protection. Locate Wi-Fi routers far away from where people spend most of their time in your home. Don’t stand close to electronic devices such as microwaves when they are operating.

Stay Safe

You are probably used to the electronic devices in your home. They make your life easier hence it would be unfathomable to ask you to throw them away. But remember, the risk of electromagnetic pollution increases when you fill your house with more electronic devices.

If it’s possible, only buy the devices that you are in dire need of. Follow the above measures to protect you and your loved ones from the pollution caused by the devices that you already own. Discover additional educative articles by browsing through the website.

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