Famous Dex Net Worth

Famous Dex net worth is $600,000.

Famous Dex is an American Rapper. He is also called as Black Migo Dex. The rapper is also a songwriter. Dex rose to fame for his exclusive trap-rap and drill style music. Many times, this versatile and multi-talented artist went viral online. A couple of his notable songs that earned him stardom include Bottle After Bottle and Try Me (remix).

Famous Dex Net Worth

Early Life

Dex was born in Harlem on 6th September 1993. His parents named him Dexter Gore Jr. Diana, his mother was a chef in a popular restaurant in Chicago. Dexter Gore Sr, his father was a US Army Lieutenant. Dex spent his childhood days in the southern part of Chicago, in Englewood.

He was raised in the dodgy areas of the Chicago neighborhood. However, it was the same locations that provided many reputed rappers like Fredo Santana, Chief Keef, and Lil Reese. His cousin, Lil Wop 17, is also a fellow rapper.

Remember the areas he was raised. It was not only famed for the rappers but also marked for selling drugs. He was a spoilt kid. Dex also indulged in selling drugs for a brief period.

His first school was a Catholic school in Hydepark. He had his middle and high school in the Hernandez Middle School and Paul Roberson High School, respectively.

He has three kids, two girls, and a boy, with his girlfriend. His personal life is under wraps. His girlfriend and mother of his kids are called “baby mamma.”


Soon after completion of school, he started to concentrate on music. His involvement in music business delivered his potential. His career in music took a big transformation when his mother passed away suddenly in the year 2015.

As a ‘Hype Man’ he earned a recognizable name in his friends’ video.  Very soon he also received a stage name. This boosted him and he began making his own hip-hop sound.

He made two remixes in the year 2013. It gained him immense popularity.

Later, in the year 2014, he released his debut “Bottle After Bottle” which made him reachable every nook and corner. His single video earned two hundred thousand views in YouTube.

While he already became a notable rapper, the popularity and success almost doubled when he released the song “Duh Dummy.”  It was one of the most viral videos. Within one week of release, the song had three hundred thousand views.

In the year 2015, Dex released one more mixtape titled “Dexter Laboratory.” During that period, many of his songs were viral online. He got a massive fan following and crazy fans.

In 2016, he released four remix albums. All of his albums received well by the audience and ardent fans. Spinrilla app had more than a million views on one of his remix album titled “Dexter the Robert.” It also has these massive views in one week of release. Till now, this album is considered his best work.

Dex was the first person to sign the “Rich Forever Music.” He is also the CEO of this company, which was incorporated by Rich the Kid.

Famous Dex Net Worth

Dex bought a luxurious house along with a Lamborghini car in the year 2016. The volume of his net worth is best assessed by his assets.

Famous Dex’s net worth is estimated at $600 thousand. However, the net worth is likely to be increased dramatically owing to the release of his next album very soon.

Few Facts about Famous Dex

  • Dex has an interesting inheritance – he is Indian, Haitian, and Moroccan descent
  • His involvement in drugs made him violent. Once he was stabbed badly that he was in the coma for a few days.
  • Death of his mother due to breast cancer transformed him for good.
  • Roberson high school was the same school where Lil Durk, Dex’s fellow rapper studied.
  • He received big highs and lows in the year 2015.
  • He has a viral record of 300,000 views in one week.
  • Dex is a notable and terrific rapper, who stands out from the fellow drill musicians.
  • His music depicted more passion and positivity than menace and aggression.
  • He has a special love for tattoos. He tattooed his cheeks and forehead, arms and neck.
  • He tattooed the name of his mother on the cheeks and breast cancer awareness symbol.
  • Dex has active Instagram and Twitter accounts.
  • He has a personal website where he markets his merchandise.
  • Dex loves beard and love to dye them in different colors.


Dex’s style of rap drill music differs much from the typical drill style rap. He never focuses on crime and violence, rather features the creativity and youth culture.  His uniqueness gained millions of fan followers. All his fans eagerly await the release of his next album. And Famous Dex net worth has been increased a bit than previous year.

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