How an attorney can help negotiate a settlement in a lemon law case

So you’ve bought a used or new vehicle that includes the warranty and it turns out to be defective. What do you do from here? Well, you might be able to file what’s known as a lemon law lawsuit depending on what state you live in. Being a consumer living in the United States, you have certain rights to protect you from product that could become and/or be dangerous, and one of these rights is to pursue legal action in the event your vehicle does not operate as it should while under the manufacturer’s original warranty.

Although it’s possible for one to take care of their own lemon law lawsuit, many find out (after it’s too late) that an attorney who specializes in lemon law cases can maximize any compensation that may be available for their case. Thankfully, we’re going to explain lemon law, the compensation you might be eligible to recieve, and how an attorney can help you receive as much as you can from your claim.

About Lemon Law

Every state has its own set of lemon laws. Although they are slightly different in some of their respects, they all have some similarities. Generally, lemon law was created for individuals who have used or new vehicles that did not meet quality standard. Many lemon laws note that a car, truck, or SUV (that is still under warranty) is considered a lemon if a number of attempts have been made to repair the vehicle in question.

As far as the defects that make a vehicle eligible for lemon law coverage, the flaws must have an affect on the safety, value, or use of the vehicle. That’s right, some some defects do not qualify for coverage, as others do. Defects such as faulty brakes clearly affect one’s safety, which grants them coverage through lemon laws. Situations such as air conditioning units that aren’t cooling as well as they’re supposed to might not be a serious enough issue for lemon law coverage. However, a defective paint job can have an effect on a vehicle’s value when it’s being sold, which makes it qualify for lemon law.

Although lemon laws vary from state to state, they commonly have the presumption that if one’s vehicle has required two or more repairs for the same issue that could cause death or injury in the first 18,000 miles or 18 months, the vehicle is in fact a lemon. However, it should be mentioned this is a presumption, as a manufacturer could claim that a vehicle qualifies as a lemon in the event it meets such definition, yet most state laws do not require it. If it can be proved to a jury that a number of attempts were made on an issue that affects the vehicle’s safety, use, or value, it could be a valid claim. However, these cases should have evaluation from a lemon law attorney.

Lemon Law Attorneys & Higher Rewards 

As lemon law attorneys take care of these type of cases just about every single day, they are accustomed to the negotiation process with car manufacturers and car dealerships. Knowing how to engage with such enormous entities, lemon law attorneys understand the corporate attorneys who are dead set on minimizing or denying any lemon law claim that falls on their desk. So if you’re looking to get the most out of your lemon law case, you’ll want to:
  – Act Quickly – Lemon laws are only relevant to the vehicles that happen to be under the factory’s warranty. In the event the warranty expires on the used or new lemon automobile, it’s considerably more difficult to attain compensation, whether it be a buy back or a replacement. However, a  lemon law attorney may be able to claim that the issues began when the vehicle was under warranty (in the event one can provide enough documentation.)
  – Necessary Paperwork – It’s the attorney who knows what type of paperwork is necessary for a lemon law case. Understanding that evidence and documentation is vital for case success, a lemon law attorney can make make sure every detail is utilized in the case to the fullest extent.
  – Attorneys Know What’s Eligible – Even if the vehicle qualifies for a lemon law case, it’s important to supply the jury with the pertinent evidence that relates to your case. Thankfully, a lemon law attorney knows exactly what to look for and apply it to the case.
  – Attorney’s Know What The Manufacturer Wants – One big thing that attorneys know is that (more often than not) the manufacturer wants to buy the faulty vehicle. This is due to the fact that this saves them monetary loss if replacing it. A lemon law attorney knows this, so they’ll be willing to get you the best deal available.

Considering the information above, a lemon law attorney might be exactly what you need for your case to extract the most compensation for your claim. So if you’re looking to negotiate a cash settlement with an automaker, contact us today so we can help you get the compensation you deserve for your lemon vehicle!


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