How to Choose a Suitable Group for Charity and Shopping?

The common situations in life such as moving a house or cleaning a room provide a valuable opportunity to donate articles that are used less or having a little value. It also creates the need for purchasing some household items instead of old ones at reasonable prices. But, most people fail to find an appropriate group to fulfill such needs.

If you are also in a similar situation, go for a reputable online charity cum shopping store or some local community group, designed specifically for such purposes.

However, while making a choice there can be several questions in your mind about their functions, features, and suitability to specific needs.

What are their functions?

Some organizations are designed specifically to accept charity in the form of home objects and other articles of daily usage. They also sell them after recycling for the welfare of humanity. For example, MERS Goodwill is one such retail thrift store that accepts and sells objects of daily usage. You may find anything between branded clothes and antique items of high quality.

What are the basic features?

Some stores do not accept electronic objects such as air conditioners, television, computers, etc. while others require it. Some may need common household items like kitchenware and furniture while others may not have even a space to store them. To know the needs of a specific store for a certain item, it is best to call and ask them.

What to take care of?

While choosing an item for donation, make sure it is in a suitable condition to reuse or recycle. As they accept these objects to resell to needy persons, articles should not be in torn, broken, or spoiled condition.

Think about the right time

It is important to choose the right time to donate. There is no use to give winter clothes during the summer season or rainy clothes in autumn. Choosing the right item to give at the right time provides its actual value.

Community Group   

Another important place that you can consider is the community group. Many art and craft groups accept items like old crockery, paint tins, and tools. If you have beekeeping equipment, give them to some apiarist’s society. Similarly, playgroups easily accept the items for children to play, animal refuges accept bedding, pet foods, and homeless centers accept clothing, sanitary items, etc.

In addition to these, you can also consider online community networks like Facebook to track the local community groups as per your needs.

Whatever community you choose, make sure that they are authorized, and make proper utilization of your donation. As far as purchasing is concerned, the selected group should fulfill the primary needs such as high quality, a good brand, and prices suiting your budget.

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