How To Steam Clean your Carpets?

Vacuum cleaning is not enough for most homeowners. You can read more about vacuum cleaning in this link here. Some stubborn stains and odors can’t be removed by mopping or vacuuming. If this is what you’re experiencing, it might be the right time to get into steam cleaning process.

The appliance used for steam cleaning is simple to use. What’s more is that you can use this to disinfect surfaces such as carpets, walls, floors, and upholsteries. The process of operating the machine is simple, but you should use various methods if you are sanitizing different areas in your home. When you know how to operate the machine correctly, you can remove germs, allergens, molds, and stains from your home once and for all. Readout more about vacuum cleaners used for carpet cleaning at vacuumreports.

Starting the Job on your Carpet

You may need to vacuum your carpets to remove debris, lint, dirt, and germs. This is critical, so you will get the best possible result when you use steam.

  • Remove all pieces of furniture that are on top of the carpet so that you can cover every surface imaginable.
  • Secure the tools and the hoses to reach the corners of the room.
  • Replace the filters and canisters before the vacuum begins to get the maximum suction power.
  • Vacuum the same area twice to ensure that you don’t miss anything.
  • Start the steam cleaning after you finished vacuuming.

Use Detergents If You Have To

You may want to add detergents that are gentle to your carpet. Test your solution by rubbing it into an area that is no more than 7 square inches. Soak the carpet for about 15 minutes, and make sure that there’s no discoloration.

  • What you need to do is to test a corner of the carpet that is out of sight. If a problem occurs, this spot will not be evident once you arrange your furniture back after the disinfection process.
  • Some carpets don’t react well with cleaning detergents. If this is the case, you might need to use something milder for a much better effect.

Combine the Detergent into the Water in the Tank

Some instructions come with the appliance, so you need to follow them carefully. Mix the detergent into the water in the tank and add more until you reach the fill line.

  • There is an appliance that does not have a water tank installed. If this is the case, you need to get a hose to attach to the hot water coming out of your faucets. Find products like a professional steam cleaner that has angled nozzles and water tanks that allow you the mobility to disinfect all areas of your room. You might need an appliance that comes with complete accessories so that you can clean faster and easier.
  • Sometimes, there are dirty water reservoirs that are installed in the appliance. Be sure to add the clean water to the right tank on your device as these two areas can be confusing if you are not paying them too much attention.
  • Make sure that any detergent and solution that you are adding does not make contact with your skin. Wash your hands thoroughly after using them.
  • You can use organic and highly-diluted cleaners that are gentler to your upholsteries. Fortunately, you can remove detergents in some steam cleaning machines because their power is more than enough to remove dirt and grime from your carpets.

Beginning the Process

Plug the machine’s power cord into an electrical outlet. Most of the tools are shaped like vacuum cleaners, and they stand upright. There are triggers that you can press to release hot water on the carpet, and you can also roll the appliance as you move along.

  • When cleaning, start from a corner of a room and move towards the doorway. Your back should be on the door so that you won’t step on the areas that you are sanitizing.
  • If you see stains, you should go over them twice to remove them.
  • Be on the lookout on the water inside the tank, and do refills whenever necessary. There are cases that the machine sputters out the detergent, and this is a telltale sign that the water is running out.

Dry your Carpets and Upholsteries

  • Don’t step on the carpet while it’s wet. You should let it dry by opening the windows if it’s sunny outside.
  • Speed up the drying process by turning on a small heater with a fan on it. You can place this on tables or chairs so that the air will point toward the carpet. For your safety, don’t leave the heaters unattended for a long time.

General Tips to Follow

You might think that you can use the steamer for anything. However, there are specific applications that you should follow so that your appliance will last for a long time, and its cleaning power will be more effective. Here are some tips that are useful to you.

  • Use the device only for its intended design – to do cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Cover your feet correctly or wear shoes when you are sanitizing the room with an electrical device.
  • Buy or hire only the ones that have certifications from official agencies. You may need to make sure that Underwriters Laboratories certifies them for safety and quality.
  • Use the steamer only on surfaces that can take high temperatures and water.
  • It would be best to be extra careful with porcelain or glass materials as the high heat can break them. Avoid cleaning glass window panes in winter using a steamer.
  • Ensure proper attachments of tools and accessories.
  • When you wash clothes as filters, remove them after your job is done and make sure to soak them in detergent.
  • When changing the water, it is essential to unplug the appliance first.

Now that you have a good idea of how you can clean your carpet and upholsteries using steamers, you can start looking for the right ones that will fit your needs online. Each appliance comes with a specification and features that you may find useful for your carpets. Other machines can quickly dry your carpets after cleaning since only a little water goes out with the steam.

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