Margo Rey Net Worth

Margo Rey net worth is US $20 million.

Born as Margarita Reymundo-Jurado, Margo Rey is an icon to reckon with when it comes to music. Margo is not only a singer but also a songwriter. In addition to that, she is an actress who has appeared in Bridegroom and Beverly Hills Chihuahua among others. Her pop music and style have earned her fame. Since her entrance into the entertainment industry almost two decades ago, she has remained relevant. How has she managed to do that? How much wealth has she amassed all along? After extensive research, we have all the answers. Continue reading for an update on the early life, career and net worth of Margo Rey.

Margo Rey Net Worth

Early Life

The parents of Margo Rey welcomed her into this world in 1966 on 18th October. She was born to Juana-Amparo Jurado together with Alejandro Reymundo. The careers of her mother and father were Flamenco dancer and cliff driver, respectively. Her place of birth was Acapulco in Mexico. However, Margarita grew up in other towns which are Arlington as well as Dallas in Texas.

She was born along with her four siblings. One of her brothers is Alex Reymundo who is a comedian. Rey is the youngest and fifth born in her family. She was only two when her family left Mexico for Fort Worth in Texas.

There are no details regarding her education. After all, she started acting quite early.


The foundation of Margo Rey was the classical music training she took in Texas. While still in her teens, she had started her career. For instance, she was the lead vocalist of a female band by the name Debutante. Her next group was Miss Margo & The Lost Souls. In 1998, she had a role in Selena Forever.

After relocating to Los Angeles, she continued working. She would work as a musician as well as an actress. Later, Abrams Artist Agency signed her. Juniper Music has employed her as a commercial vocalist. She has also voiced advertisements in English as well as Spanish.

Margo Rey Net Worth

The net worth of Margo Rey is about $20 million. The lady has been active since 1990. Since she has worked for all those years, the figure above is justifiable. Her primary source of income is her music career. She makes money through selling albums and live performances too. Rey earns by acting and lending her voice.

Personal Life

Margo Rey was once the wife of Ron White. Ron is not only a stand-up comedian but also an actor. Their marriage lasted between 2013 and 2017. It is Margo who filed for the divorce. How did it go? It turned out that they were not legally a couple in the first place.


Margo Rey is a gem when it comes to music. She has released albums, LPs as well as singles. Most of them if not all are hits. She is also philanthropic. Being a breast cancer survivor, she understands that a helping hand is something those in need would appreciate.

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