Richard Montanez Net Worth

Richard Montanez Net Worth and Biography

Richard Montanez is he who invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetors and now he is the CEO of the Frito-Lay Company. He is well known for his leadership and he has the power to build up new products and system. He is not only a businessman but also the inspiration of all people. Richard Montanez authored a book whose name is “A Boy, a Burrito, and a cookie”.

Richard Montanez Net Worth

Richard Montanez didn’t reveal his net worth yet.

Early Life

He passed his childhood in a little city Gausty, California. There he lived with his six or seven family members and here he helped his family by collecting grapes in Grapery. He shared his little food with his all family members. Richard lived here humbly. He always understood the situation of his family and never behaved as a small child.

As a student, Richard was not so good. He always straggled with English.  For his weakness in English, his teacher couldn’t help him. That the reason why he felled from high school. In 1976, he joined the Frito-Lay factory in California as a janitor.

Success Story

Anyone will be surprised to hear that, a message changed Richard Montanez’s life. Once he was working in his company with others. Suddenly the president of the company sent them a message. It was a simple message and here president told to work like an owner. At that time, Richard saw around to see the reaction of other employee. He thought that was a big opportunity for him to do something new. Once he noticed the corn man of the company. He was adding chili, cheese and butter to a corn. At that time, Richard thought why he isn’t adding chili to a Cheeto? He shared his opinion with his friends and family members and they loved his hot cheeto idea. When the president of the company heard the hot cheeto idea, he gave two week time to prepare his presentation.

And today he is the CEO of Frito-Lay Company where once he joined as a janitor. His amazing and unique ‘Hot Cheeto’ Idea worked as a key to Success. Now he can meet U.S president. He is now welcomed to the United Nations to spoke. He is also works in several boards and mentors of MBA students at the California University.

Personal Life

Richard Montanez is married to Judy Montanez and it was long thirty years journey to their married life. They have three children together. Richard also has four grandchildren. America has been already published almost 500 magazines about Richard Montanez. Richard Montanez told that he might not have a degree, but he read a book a week. The thought he had a PhD degree about poverty that he earned in his childhood.

Quick View on Richard Montanez

Full Name: Richard Montanez

Date of Birth: 17th December, 1959

Death: 13th July, 2010

Richard Montanez Net Worth: N/A

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