Alex Polizzi Net Worth

Alex Polizzi Net Worth: For some, she is a hotelier, for some, she is a businesswoman and for a few others, she is a peppy television host! Apart from being a successful British hotelier, Alex Polizzi is much more popular across the globe as the television presenter of the famed Channel 5 show, The Hotel Inspector.

Alex Polizzi Net Worth

Early Life

Alex Polizzi was born on 28 August 1971 and she had a Roman Catholic upbringing which mostly circled around the Church of the Immaculate Conception in London. It is very fitting that Alex Polizzi got into the hotel industry as she happened to be born into a family of hoteliers. Her family tree includes a long line of famous hoteliers like Lord Baron Forte, Olga Polizzi and Oliver Peyton.

Alex Polizzi studied English at St Catherine’s College, one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England.


Before stepping into the family business, Alex Polizzi gained valuable experience in the hotel industry by training at the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong. She also worked under Marco Pierre White who was one of the first chefs in the country to attain a celebrity status. She was engaged in the operations of the Rocco hotels of her uncle.

Alex Polizzi along with her baker husband started a wholesale bakery, Millers Bespoke. Currently, she manages the Hotel Endsleigh in Milton Abbot.

Alex Polizzi made her majestic entry into the television industry by replacing Ruth Watson as the presenter of the Channel 5 series, Hotel Inspector. Fast forward to 2018 and it is hard to miss Alex Polizzi while you skip through British television. She has at least a couple of TV shows in both Channel 5 and BBC Two.

Alex Polizzi Net Worth

We could not collect any conclusive information about the net worth of Alex Polizzi from any of the credible sources.

Personal Life

Alex Polizzi is married to Marcus Miller since 2007. The couple lives in London and have three children. Marcus Miller still runs the Millers Bespoke Bakery which does wholesale supply for the top hotels and customers in the country.


Alex Polizzi is quite an inspiration for anyone who wants to step into the hotel industry. Through her television shows and impactful efforts, she has been instrumental in helping out many small businesses and hotels from falling apart. Alex Polizzi has managed to uplift the restaurant and hotel industry by tackling poor management and practices common among hoteliers.

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