The 5 Best Street Helmets for Women

Women who love the thrill of the ride need safe gear, too. Get the motorcycle gear that’s built and sized for women for increased safety and impact protection. Of course, the style will be on-point as well.

Women’s Street Helmet Features

While women can choose from full face, ¾, and ½ helmet styles, the full face is by far the safest of the three. Look for a shell-built design made of thermoplastic or a strong reinforced composite like polycarbonate. You also need an impact absorbing liner and a sturdy chin strap to hold the helmet in place if you ever meet the road. Check out safety ratings as well, including DOT, European Standard 20/05, SHARP, and Snell Memorial Foundation. All these features can get pricey, so be sure to scour the internet for the best deals on street motorcycle helmets.

The Top 5 Picks

  • Shoei RF-1200 Intense – This aerodynamic helmet comes in four different shell sizes. It weighs 3.5 lbs. and has superior ventilation. It costs a few Ben Franklins, but the safety and style are top-notch.
  • HJC CL-17 Mystic –This helmet gives you a lot of bang for your buck with the polycarbonate composite shell that weighs just 3.9 lbs. The Advanced Channeling Ventilation System means you get front-to-back airflow.
  • Nexx XR1R – For the woman who prefers a gender-neutral look, this helmet is elegant and sleek in black. It’s not all just good looks, however. The adjustable padding system ensures a good fit while the three vents provide a cool ride.
  • Bell Vortex Monarch – This affordable model does not stint on safety. It has a polycarbonate shell, padded chin strap, and is Snell approved. The wind collar keeps road noise down.
  • Scorpion Tiffany EXO-1100 – Adjustable cheek pads provide a perfect fit and the polycarbonate shell is tough. Multiple intake and exhaust vents mean you get a cool ride with great ventilation.

Check out all the new trends in women’s street helmets today. Check them out online and make your search and shopping easy and stress free. You can at the same time make your shopping affordable. Online shopping gives you ease of selecting things from a huge range and within your budget.

With the increasing demand and need of women helmets these days, it is easy to find them online and select the best one for your own self. No wonder you can choose from a good range and shop for one as per your budget and need. Just make sure when making your final decision you should give importance to both style and safety. Never compromise with the safety while making your selection keeping in mind the style factor. This will help you in selecting the best piece.

With a good quality helmet you can drive safe and tension free. You will have no worries and you can enjoy your every ride and make it memorable. Safety is must in today’s time and when you make a wise decision while selecting your helmet, you are simply making sure of your safety.

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