Why would anyone live in cluttered homes when there are storage facilities already available? Why would businesses own big warehouses while they can rent storage units at affordable rates and with better facilities? Self storage services have been facilitating people since the 1850s when brothers Martina and John launched Bekin Van Lines in Omaha, Nebraska. These spaces are designed to give you a hassle-free experience in storing, organizing, and safekeeping your personal or business stuff.

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However, deciding on a self storage service might make you think of accessing your possessions? Well, this is the most convenient option you can go with, as storage companies offer flexible timings to access your stuff, and you can even pack and arrange things however you want. But before opting for this convenient service, you must learn what to do and what not to do to have a smooth experience.

The Dos of Self Storage

  1. Proximity to home/business

The first and foremost point in your checklist must be the location of the storage house. Since the process continues, you might require frequent visits to check, access or arrange your stuff. Thus, renting a space near your home or operating area is essential to control the transportation cost.

Moreover, if the facility is more than a 30-minute drive away, it would be hectic to reach it in case of urgency.

  1. Use appropriate measures to pack your essentials

Although self storage service providers give prerequisites while you opt for their services, you must pack your stuff properly to avoid any mishap. For example, if you’re storing some glass or sensitive material, it must be packed in a safe carton or bubble wraps; otherwise, if you’re holding your textile inventory, then use simple containers like plastic bags.

  1. Take climate control facility

Some items need a specific temperature level for storage; for example, leather does not support humidity or moisture in the air for a long time and can easily tear it. Besides this, climate control service is a must if you are using self storage for the safekeeping of perishable items. Although it will add a few extra dollars to your monthly bill, it is far better than ruining your essentials. Climate control units generally maintain a temperature between 60 to 85 degrees.

  1. Check security and cleanliness measures of the facility

One of the major concerns while keeping your belongings in a storage facility is to ensure they have up-to-the-mark security measures, check whether they have security cameras installed, or verify how they provide access to the rented area. Moreover, check before booking your lots to confirm if the space is clean and pest-free.

  1. Book an appropriate unit

Have you ever wondered if booking a smaller unit to save up on your few dollars can cause you unnecessary trouble? Yes, over-stacking materials can cause colossal damage to materials as well as people. Therefore, always book a unit that best matches your requirements. Moreover, stack your items at a lower height so that they would not touch lights, heating pipes and other hazardous points to avoid severe losses.

The Don’ts of Self Storage

  1. Share access to anyone

These are the primary concerns while you think of safety. Although storage companies do follow necessary security measures, you also need to be careful about it. Do not let anyone access your unit or provide keys to them. Also, remember, do not trust strangers.

  1. Storing valuables

There’s no doubt that self storage companies provide foolproof security, but you are responsible too in this regard. Avoid storing valuables like jewelry, collectibles, important files or documents and other precious items in your storing unit. However, in any case, if you are required to store such things, then never share your access codes or keys with anyone and always purchase insurance even if you think that there is no security threat.

  1. Storing flammable Items

Do you run a small business that deals in chemicals? Opt for safer and better options that provide fireproof infrastructure instead of simply choosing a nearby alternative. Self storage companies usually facilitate personal and non-hazardous storage. If you are storing any flammable liquids or anything that can cause a fire, do not go for regularself storage services.

  1. Stepping on to items

So, you have opted for a self storage facility for the safekeeping of your items, right?  But you’re now stepping on the boxes to grab some other stuff – that’s crazy. Remember the purpose behind booking the unit and avoid cluttering your stuff; leave a vacant space so you can walk into and grab things when needed. Moreover, label everything so you can find it quickly and always use a ladder or stool to grab stuff placed at a height to avoid accidents and damage.

In a nutshell

Although self storagehas numerous benefits, you need to follow the dos and don’ts mentioned above to make the most of these facilities and conveniences these units have to offer. So, whether your goal is to clear out your cluttered workspace or home to make it more productive or you are concerned about scaling your small business, self storage is the best option.

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