Things to Avoid Carrying in the Van During the Move

There are many things that you need to take care while relocating to a new place, especially what things can be carried in the vehicle while moving. There are a few things that are strictly prohibited by the governments of various countries to carry them in the van to avoid perilous situations. However, the Packers and Movers in Ernakulam are well aware of what things to be carried and what things to avoided from carrying in the truck clearly. When you hire the Packers and Movers in Ernakulam, they would give you a checklist of what things they would carry and what things they are not supposed to carry in the van. The moving companies stringently adhere to these rules and regulations. This is important for the safety of the customers and the staff of moving company in the van.

Few of the things that are avoided from carrying in the van include

Flammable Things

You are not allowed to pack and load the flammable things in the van. Few of them include fertilizers, gas cylinders, kerosene, diesel, and chemicals. The sprays that are used to kill pests and infestation in homes are highly inflammable which would catch fire soon. You need to dispose these sprays in your old home rather carrying them in the van. When you carry them, there are high chances of your belongings getting damaged. If you want to move fertilizers to the new place, you would need to carry them separately, since this would get leaked in the middle and spread to other items in the van.

Perishable Items

You should dispose the perishable items that could not sustain outside the refrigerator instead of carrying them in the van and spread unpleasant smell. It is better to consume or distribute. In addition, food items that are not sealed and pickles should not be carried in the van. If the pickle bottles are not sealed, then these get leak and damage all the other belongings that are kept beside them, especially the furnished items. The stains of the food items are hard to remove. To keep risk of oil spilling or food items at bay, you need to avoid carrying them in the van.

Valuable and Fragile Items

No one can afford to lose or misplace their valuable items during the move. Any lose of legacy or memorable items would leave you with emotional pain. You would need to carry these items along with you in your vehicle rather putting them in the carton box of mover’s vehicle.


No one will permit you to take alcoholic beverages in the van and in fact is considered to be an offense. You need to abide to the policies of packers and movers or ask the Packers and Movers in Kochi of whether they have permission to carry them in the van.


You cannot carelessly put the treasure or jewel box in the van. There are high chances of them getting misplaced, lost or stolen. Therefore, you need to carry these items along with you in the van. When you planned for a move, you would need to open a locker and store all valuables in them to keep them safe and secure.

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