Your business has already registered on Amazon and you have a clear understanding of your target audience – that’s the high time to start promotion! 

The first step, you need to help your potential buyers to find you on Amazon

  1. Use the search to Advertise your product 

Make yourself findable for customers to make them purchase your product. To find your product a customer would use keyword queries.

That’s why you need to pay attention to your listings. Most products support keyword descriptions of up to 250 characters and they must be optimized to increase product visibility and sales. So think carefully about which terms might be used by your potential customers.

  1. Paid Advertisement

One of the effective tools to drive more traffic to your products, target specific audiences, and increase their visibility even further is Sponsored Products and sponsored brands on Amazon.

You have to choose the products to promote, set a bid for each click and create an advertising campaign. When shoppers search for keywords related to a product, the ad appears at the top or bottom of the search results or on the product detail page. When a shopper clicks on your ad, he/she will be taken to the product page and all you need to do is to motivate the shopper to buy.

Second step, the buyer has reached the point where he needs to make a decision, and you need to gently push him.

  1. Product Images that inspire

Proper images can spark shoppers’ interest and motivate them to purchase your goods.

Good quality photos and eye-catching showcases of your product give you more chances for your customers will buy from you!

  1. Amazon various benefits

The most benefit businesses can get on Amazon Prime Day.  It’s allowed retailers to clear shelves at an unbelievable rate. But Prime Day isn’t for everyone. To participate in Amazon Prime Day, sellers must be registered with Amazon and have an active Professional selling plan. They must also meet certain performance criteria, such as having good customer reviews and fulfilling orders on time. But, at the end of the day, it gives your offer an opportunity to be more noticeable. Also to help you increase sales and make your store more competitive Amazon Prime gives you free shipping (on eligible products) and many other benefits.

  1. Provide special offers

Every customer strives to watch the pennies and that’s why they love special offers because it’s an opportunity to pay less. Creation of various promotional offers on the product page or external incentives such as loyalty points acts as an incentive for customers to make a buying decision asap, rather than waiting until later.

The third step – grab an overseas audience.

  1. Expand your market 

There are multiple European Amazon marketplaces where you can place listings, so no need to stick to one marketplace only.

Placing product listings on other Amazon locations makes it possible to considerably increase the target audience of buyers with minimal effort.

  1. Provide customers with convenient delivery

Providing customers with easy shipping on Amazon is important because it improves the overall customer experience and satisfaction. Store delivery terms are one of the crucial factors influencing a buyer’s decision. Customers expect fast and reliable delivery options.  FBA sets the benchmark for the highest level of fast shipping service. So, check if your delivery system matches buyers and is highly competitive.

As a fact, stores on Amazon can sell without promotion. However, promoting products on Amazon can increase your visibility and potentially increase sales and revenue. Without advertising, a store may not be able to reach as many potential customers as they need and may not be able to compete with other sellers who are actively promoting their products.

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