Top Trends in Kitchen Renovation in Burlington

When it comes to renovation, we all want our kitchen to look appealing, modern, and trendy. Following are the top trends in kitchen renovation in Burlington.

  • Cabinet door and original handles:

While renovating our kitchen small details such as cabinet doors handles can easily be neglected. There is a lot of different styles of handles available in the market, of different color shapes and sizes. We have noticed that the Scandinavians have original and great taste, also they are quite trending these days. They are using leather rings or strips as handles. which are totally opposite to the type of handles we are used to seeing. But they are among the top trends for kitchen renovation in Burlington.

  • Different kitchen sinks:

It is no surprise that the sink is the part of our kitchen we use daily. It is also an interesting design element in the kitchen. Designers have stepped up their game from the white tube and stainless steel sink to embossed sinks, some with metallic accent and others with color that will match the kitchen furnishing. Some other trends also include sinks with integrated casters, removable cutting boards and potholders, ice buckets,s, etc. These designs are ideal for those who are trying to save space in their small-sized kitchen. Visit here to see the best custom home builder in Burlington.

  • Pendant lighting:

Even though recessed lighting has been in trend for the last decade. But the re-introduction of pendant lighting is a perfect option for those who are looking to add a unique touch to their kitchen design. The suspended wiring may portray a picture of a swinging incandescent bulb with a pull chain, which will allow them to become centerpieces of the room. Adding a form of expression and individuality.

  • Open shelving:

Designers suggest that if you have a beautiful collection of dishware then why don’t you go for open shelving. Many people in Burlington do opt for this option to proudly display their dishware. It is also convenient as it provides easy access to dishware such as glasses and plates that you use frequently. Well as for utensils you can wall racks on which you can hang them. But don’t bother putting the pricey cognac glasses that you use very rarely. It is better to put them in cabinets so you don’t have to wash them regularly, as dust is easily accumulated due to open shelving. You can also store items in glass jars or wooden boxes, which can also serve as a decoration piece. Whereas the foods that can be perished by the sun, be sure to keep them in pantry or fridge. For more visit

  • In-door herb garden:

In an era of gourmet cooking, reality shows, and Instagram foodies it comes as no surprise that an indoor herb garden is one of the most trending kitchen renovation designs in Burlington. Dried herb in kitchen cabinet is not preferred anymore as people taste for freshness is becoming more prominent. Along with making the kitchen more attractive, it provides a dash of nature. To an enclosed indoor environment. The closer these herbs are to the sink, the more desirable it is. But also make sure that you get a decent amount of sunlight in the kitchen. Aero garden is another option if you think that managing all this is difficult. It provides a hydroponic culture for up to 6 plants simultaneously. Keep your cherries, tomatoes, hot peppers easily accessible all around the year.

  • Gold and copper accents:

It is no surprise that many people in Burlington are opting for gold and copper accents. They are mainly used small fixtures such as faucets, cabinet handles, taps and complement lighter color countertops. Both gold and copper give a classy and vintage vibe to your kitchen. It also creates an upper-class ambiance to your kitchen, without emptying your bank accounts.

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