What kind of flowers are suitable for different occasions in China?

People love flowers and give flowers different meanings, and the flowers in their many forms have the ability to speak of emotions and express their feelings. Therefore, when sending flowers, you need to pay attention to the occasion and the person to whom you are sending flowers. Let me introduce you to the different occasions to send flowers to China!

As we all know, every region has different customs and traditions, not to mention China, a country with a long history. Sending flowers is a learned skill, and in different countries, the same flower may have completely opposite meanings, which may be beyond your imagination. For example, lilies, the most suitable flower for couples to give each other in China mean a hundred years of a good relationship, while in countries such as the UK white lilies symbolize “death”.

China is a magical country, influenced by their culture, there are some bouquets that are very suitable for a certain occasion. For example, a branch of a laurel tree or osmanthus when taking an exam; a branch of a willow tree when saying goodbye or giving a farewell; a peach to wish the elderly a long life; a pomegranate to wish the newlyweds many children and many blessings; as for “pine, cypress, bamboo, chrysanthemum and lotus”, all these flowers are very popular in China.

In China, different occasions are suitable for bouquets.

1. To welcome friends and relatives.

Choose some flowers that have the meaning of “hospitality”, such as: wisteria, moonflower, calla lily, etc.

2. To congratulate the opening.

Give flowers with a long flowering period and lush flowers, representing “prosperity and wealth”, such as moonflower, wisteria, etc. If your friend will also hold a certain opening ceremony, I suggest you choose to gift the opening flower basket, so it will look grand and grand a lot.

3. farewell to friends.

If your friend is about to go away, presenting a bunch of peonies is the best choice. Paeonia is also known as will leave the grass, containing the meaning of hard to part with, the flowers are bright and beautiful, especially suitable for lovers of the temporary separation.

4. Birthday wishes.

If the other party often work in front of the computer, I suggest giving green plants, potted plants such as cactus, etc. If you want to send flowers, send some flowers containing the “youthful, bright future” wishes, such as pomegranate flowers, red moonflower, sunflowers, etc.

5. Lovers, newlyweds, couples.

Lovers always have a lot of choices of flowers, flowers symbolizing the beautiful love is not a lot, such as roses, roses, lilies, peonies, moonflowers, and so on. These flowers are pleasing to the eye, beautiful, elegant, fragrant, is a token and symbol of love.

6. Visiting the sick.

It is always a good idea to be more careful when sending to a friend who is sick. Reject flowers with strong fragrance or bright colors, too heavy fragrance may easily cause cough, and bright colors may stimulate the patient’s irritability, these are to be avoided. According to traditional Chinese culture, potted plants or flowers with roots and flowers that have a short flowering period and tend to drop buds are not suitable for patients as they are considered unlucky. You can choose to visit the patient with calla lilies, plain celandine, gladiolus, carnations, or flowers that the patient usually likes.

7. Chinese New Year Festival

You can choose to give dahlias, peonies, daffodils, peach blossoms, kumquats, and so on. These are the most popular flowers to welcome the Chinese New Year.

8. For friends in business and industry

Choose azaleas, dahlias, ivy, and other flowers to wish them success and prosperity in their career.

Each flower has a different meaning and contains a silent language. As one of the most popular gifts, flowers are suitable for every occasion, and it is a wonderful thing to send the right bouquet of flowers as long as it is the right occasion.

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