Where To Get Odisha News Today

Did you know that Odisha was formed on April 1, 1936? If you are looking for ways to get Odisha news today to stay up to date on everything from entertainment to politics to business, etc you are in the right place.

Keep reading to learn more about the top sources to get all the current events in Odisha.

1. Odishatv.in

A great place to get your information from is the website Odishatv.in. This is actually brought to you thanks to Odisha Television Network to make sure that everyone can see the latest information about Odisha plus more. If you have the right TV antenna booster installation you can pick up the Odisha Television Network to watch on your television at home.

There are plenty of subjects covered here from art to culture to demography to history to festivals and tourist places. The experience this network has is very big they also have four other popular channels under their belt with Odisha TV being their flagship brand. The great thing is that they are known for their free and unbiased reporting on current events.

They are known for having integrity and being committed to high standards of journalism.

2. News 18

News 18 is one of India’s leading TV broadcast networks. Back in 2005 CNN partnered up with India to launch this English language news channel to help keep people all around the world updated with the news in Odisha.

The headquarters in New Delhi and over 20 bureaus nationwide support the channel. There have been quite a few big stories broken from  CNN and CNN-IBN and together they have covered 100s of big events.

3. The New Indian Express

Another place to get all of your Odisha news is in the New Indian Express. They are also committed to giving everyone credible and reliable news. They have been reporting news for 8 decades, giving them a lot of credibility in the news industry.

People all around the world check out the New Indian Express to see what is happening in Odisha. This company was promoted by its flagship Company of the group called Express Publications Private Limited.

They post a lot of helpful articles for readers that are looking and exploring new ways and possibilities to make their lives better. There are articles on a huge range of topics from sports to lifestyle to business to new-age living to self-development to society, politics, literature, entertainment, travel, arts, finance, etc.

The New Indian Express also publishes Sunday Standard from New Delhi to give the latest Sunday happenings.

Ready to Get Odisha News Today?

Now you know all about where to get Odisha news today to make sure that you are always up to date on what is happening in Odisha whether you are living there or want to see how your relatives are doing.

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