Why Hiring A Fleet Is Better Than Owning One

Whether to hire or own a fleet is a tough decision for any fleet manager. If you want to throw your fleet managers into disarray, then ask them which is better to hire or own a truck? Responses to this question vary depending on an individual’s needs and circumstances. Both sides might have decent arguments, but hiring a fleet may be the better option. 

Operating a fleet involves a lot of work and could interfere with your other business operations. Fleet operations come with added responsibilities, such as administrative and operational support, hiring and maintaining drivers, dealing with new technology, and vehicle maintenance. Many companies rely on dedicated fleet solutions, like Raw Hire, to work smarter in transporting their products efficiently. Here are some benefits of hiring a fleet solution.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Owning a fleet of trucks comes with a heavy maintenance burden, but leasing the trucks doesn’t. As per the leasing agreement, leasing companies handle the truck maintenance. This coverage might include a range of scheduled routine maintenance services and roadside assistance in other states. 

Advances in safety features and technology make modern trucks safer, but they could also mean that trucks will take more time to be repaired. This can be expensive for a small business owner to maintain a truck fleet at the optimum forefront of technology with owned trucks. 

However, owning a fleet is a larger issue since you have to hire and retain qualified technicians. Finding and hiring qualified technicians for the more technologically advanced truck engines can be hard.

You will leave the entire burden to the leasing company when you lease a truck with a full maintenance package. Leasing takes a lot of pressure off a business owner, and it is a real-time saver. You can skip the heavy maintenance duties, save money, and have a reduced payroll. 

Less Turnover Of The Fleet

The trucks usually experience wear and tear due to constant use, and their mechanical parts will break down. Eventually, there comes a time when a truck has to be replaced.

This situation raises the question of how you will replace the old truck. Sometimes, you may require to sell the old truck first to raise capital for buying a new one. It will cause downtime as you spend time listing your truck and negotiating with prospective buyers. It might lead to other trucks spending more time on the road to compensate for the lost time. When you lease a truck, you can return it at the end of the lease without worrying about selling it and the time spent in the process.

Technologically Advanced and Safer Trucks

When you lease trucks, you will have more-advanced truck engines that can help reduce fuel and maintenance costs. Just like the cars of today, modern commercial trucks have become more comfortable and safer. They are equipped with advanced engines that can handle emissions more efficiently than trucks from five years ago.

It is hard for many companies to buy new trucks each time new models that are better come into the market. However, you can benefit from the merits of newer trucks when you lease them. They will come with benefits such as the following:

  • Enhanced safety features such as sensors and backup cameras that warn drivers of nearby vehicles
  • GPS tracking to inform you where the truck is during the trips
  • Enhanced driver comfort with better sleeping and seating areas
  • Real-time data-driven maintenance that uses computer sensor sensors and the internet to notify drivers of upcoming maintenance. 

Availability Of Qualified Drivers

Trucking needs more reliable and qualified drivers. It has become more challenging to find, recruit, and retain them. Having new trucks is a great solution to the lack of qualified drivers. If you have newer trucks in your fleet, then it will not be difficult to get, hire, and retain qualified drivers since they like driving new trucks. 


It would be best to partner with a logistics company if you want to spend more time running your business and not worrying about your trucks. You will have the best trucks to take care of your delivery needs and the best drivers to run them. Your customers will be satisfied due to the efficiency of your fleet, and your company will have a good image. It will be much cheaper to hire your trucks than to own them in the long run.

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