Window Repair 101: Key Signs That You Need New Windows

Another month, another high energy bill. You’ve tried everything to get the price down, but nothing has worked.

Have you ever considered that the problem is your windows?

If your current ones are over twenty years old, chances are they’re not keeping the warm air in like they used to. If they’re younger than that, window repairs might do the trick.

Unless they’re showing certain signs. These signs can be as obvious as rotted frames or as subtle as a slight draft.

So, it can be hard to tell if repair or replacement is the way to go. We might be able to clear up your confusion. Check out this guide to learn when it’s time to get rid of your old windows.

You Feel a Draft

You’re sitting on your couch when the wind outside decides to pick up in speed. You can feel every bit of the air come in through your window. When you walk over to check, you realize that the window is shut. 

What gives? When a seal breaks or a window isn’t installed properly, to begin with, they have this tendency to let a draft in. This draft makes it kind of hard to keep the temperature in your home regulated. Since your thermostat has to work overtime, it will send your energy costs through the roof. 

Your Energy Bills are High 

If you feel cold while you’re simply standing next to your windows, or you can touch it and feel the chill of the glass, it might be time to call a replacement window company. If you don’t, expect to see some high-energy bills in the mail. 

You see, as the hot air from your thermostat gets near the window, it will cool down, the same as your hand. The reverse is true in the summer. Your AC will have to work double-time to heat and cool your home. 

Since you’re wasting more power, your bill will go up. Getting a replacement can be expensive, but it’s not as bad as letting your dollars slip out with the breeze. Trust us, you’ll save tons in the long run. 

You Only Have Single Pane Windows 

Single-pane windows are inferior in every way. They don’t provide insulation, which means they’re not energy-efficient at all. You’ll also be able to hear every little sound your neighborhood makes. 

Fixing up your house with double or triple-glazed windows isn’t cheap, we can admit. Still, if you want to have any peace, it’s time to get new windows.  

There’s Visible Damage 

If the neighborhood kids toss a baseball through your window like in the sitcoms, that’s an obvious sign that you need window renovations. Sometimes damages aren’t as obvious as a giant hole. 

You may notice small cracks and slight warping. The more moisture your wooden window frames are exposed to, the more likely they are to rot away.

No matter what the damage is, your windows will need replacing ASAP. The smallest crack can turn into a massive problem over time.

You’re Having a Hard Time Opening and Closing Them 

Do you feel like you need a crowbar to pry your windows open? They could have been installed incorrectly or painted shut. Maybe the hardware is wearing out. 

Either way, it’s time to get the professionals on the phone. You need to be able to open your windows in case of an emergency or a beautiful spring day. 

There’s Condensation or Moisture Build-Up

Condensation on the windows happens when the warm air in your home meets up with the cool air outside. There’s nothing abnormal about it unless it’s happening all the time. Frost is also a bad sign. 

Even worse than condensation is moisture trapped between two panes of glass. If you see this, it means that the seal has failed. The only fix for this issue is a replacement. 

You Want a Style Change

Nothing has to be wrong with your windows for you to want to replace them. If they’ve been part of the home since you moved in decades ago, it’s okay to want a little change. 

If you’re doing home renovations to make the place look more modern, replacing your windows might be a good strategy to get the look you want.

Certain window frame styles can appear a bit dated. Sometimes all it takes is getting rid of them to take years off your home. 

Outside Noise 

The thickest glass can’t filter out the noise of two people arguing depending on how loud they are. You’ll still have to pull a pillow over your head or put on a pair of headphones to drown them out. 

This being said you shouldn’t be able to get all the latest gossip while you’re sitting on your couch with your morning coffee. If this is the case, it’s time to replace your windows. 

Older models can’t absorb sounds as newer ones can. So, until you make updates, you’ll never get a second of peace and quiet in your own home. 

It’s Time to Schedule Window Repairs or Replacement  

Some issues can be fixed with window repairs. High energy bills and visible damage aren’t some of these issues. The only solution in these circumstances is a replacement. 

Some issues can be fixed with window repairs. High energy bills and visible damage aren’t some of these issues. The only solution in these circumstances is a door and window repair service in minneapolis.

Get on the phone with a Toronto windows company today to schedule your window replacement so you can start enjoying quiet mornings and have more money in your pocket. 

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