Canadian Prepper’s True Name

Canadian Prepper’s real name is Nate Polson, and he lives in Martensville, Saskatchewan. His family owns and operates a business called Canadian Preparedness. Canadian Prepper is the page for his YouTube channel, where he discusses survival topics, as well as his Facebook page and store, which sell various survival and preparation supplies. On Instagram, he shares several images under the username Canadian Prepper.

He is an influential reviewer on Amazon and a part of the My Militia: An American Patriot Network group. Canadian Prepper entered the spotlight as the Prepping movement gained incredible fame in Canada. Read on to learn more about Canadian Prepper net worth, his videos, and more!

Anything You Need to Know About Canadian Prepper

Solar DIY is probably something you’ve heard of if you’re often looking for online information articles on solar panels. Then it might be true that you’ve come across a YouTuber known as the Canadian Prepper.

The Canadian Prepper joined Youtube in May 2014 and has since amassed an impressive 811,000 subscribers by consistently uploading high-quality instructional material related to solar energy and disaster preparedness. His channel focuses primarily on DIY solar panel solutions for the house and setups and evaluations of solar panels.

The Canadian Prepper has over 1,200 films on YouTube and a consistent pace of uploading between four and six videos weekly. Over 173 million people have watched his channel.

During the period when the preparation movement began to gain momentum in Canada, he amassed a massive fan base. His films are all made from a Canadian perspective, but he has viewers worldwide interested in prepping and survival technology.

Net Worth of Canadian Prepper

Canadian Prepper has 258,000 views and adds around 480 new subscribers per day.

Canadian Prepper’s net worth is around $ 74.9K – $ 449K. Some sources say that Canadian Prepper’s wealth may be more than $1.36 million. If you consider the other income streams, Canadian Prepper’s potential value is closer to $1.91 million. He earns around $152 per day or about $15,200 per month.

His YouTube channel gains more and more subscribers every year. When he first started in 2020, he averaged about 51,900 views per day. By 2022, that figure had doubled.

Canadian Prepper Income: How Does It Work?

By participating in YouTube’s partner program, creators with large followings, like “The Canadian Prepper,” may monetize their channels by displaying advertisements. This is also how the Canadian Prepper podcast generates revenue.

However, the Canadian Prepper’s online store and website show most of the business’s revenue.

Canadian Prepper’s Best Videos

  1. Toilet Paper Tablets: Toilet paper is the most sought-after item in lockdown; thus, it is no surprise that a video describing toilet paper tablets has received over six million views.
  2. 10 Survival Gear Items that Last Forever: Since this is primarily an emergency and survival-related channel, a video detailing the best survival equipment is second on the list with 2.3 million views.
  3. The Best Tent for the Apocalypse: For this discussion of the most watched videos by the Canadian Prepper, including the term “apocalypse” is expected. Third place, with almost 1.9 million views, goes to a film of an apocalyptic tent.

Videos of Canadian Prepper

There are seven primary categories:

After The Collapse Series

Canadian Prepper fears the future will be chaotic and teeming with violent gangs, cannibals, and other dangerous individuals fighting for survival.

The series in After the Collapse series will push you to face reality. You are ready to move on to more educational, practical, and helpful videos.

Bug Out Concepts

There are 129 videos on various survival topics, such as evacuation, strategic relocation, survival, camping equipment, solar-powered kayaks, and more. An essential watch is a three-day winter camping trip with a hot wood stove tent. Canadian Prepper and his dog Marshall have a camping trip in this video.

You can observe his preparations for a full-on winter expedition, from the gear he brings to how he treks through the snow to the tent he sets up and the wood he cuts to fuel his fireplace.

Canadian Prepping

Videos in this collection are aimed squarely toward Canadian fans. You may find various films on topics including how to make a campfire, thermogenesis, winter footwear, and more.

He covers from all around Canada. What should you do if the SHTF is in the Great Lakes Megalopolis, Alberta, or the West Coast/British Columbia? He also talks about the best area to go to.

Gear Reviews

The category alone has 377 videos. You may find and learn about anything: the best gas mask filter, the top five handsaws, the tiniest and brightest flashlight in the world, and much more.

The critic considers it an ideal bugout vehicle due to its military design, invulnerability to bullets, practicality, violence, and so on. It’s the perfect vehicle for survivalists.

Opinions and Social Commentary

One hundred nineteen films cover global warming, racism, consumerism, the end of civilization, and more. He wants to share his thoughts and feelings on various topics. You can learn the unconscious reasons why people seek the end of the world and when SHTF will.

Prepper Fitness

Canadian Prepper has compiled 64 films stressing the value of physical fitness. Videos of him working out, lifting weights, and hiking confirms his fitness level.

He details the ideal body composition for a survivalist, offers advice on how to slim down like a warrior, and exposes the truth about the muscling up of imprisoned criminals.


Canadian Prepper will not teach you karate in 61 videos. Home defense, bear attacks, surviving federal jail, and scary neighbors in an SHTF scenario are just some of the issues he’s discussing. He discusses the advantages of archery over firearms and examines tactical trousers and other top SHTF training gear.

Final Thoughts

The Canadian Prepper is an excellent starting point for anybody interested in prepping stuff and solar energy. For all your solar power generation system theoretical and practical knowledge needs, the Canadian Prepper is recommended.

For the sake of human survival, he discusses various solar-related themes. It doesn’t matter who you are as a viewer; he urges you to apply his solar setup advice to live a greener life. Several videos provide helpful recommendations on what supplies to pack in an actual survival situation.

Nate takes pride in teaching his thousands of subscribers and has a lot of fun doing it, as seen in his videos. He’s put a lot of effort and time into researching solar technology and documenting his findings in helpful films to benefit his fellow citizens.

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